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I am famous but nobody knows it.

I know you'll be like WOW when you read the title of this post - I am famous but nobody knows itWell, before you jump into a conclusion, thinking that I am such a shameless and self-obsessed bitch, please, let me explain.

Regarding my blog title, my shirt explains it all hehehe. (Shirt? What shirt?) 

Scroll down to see the pictures, and your mystery will be solved teehee. 








IMG_3320 IMG_3314




Outfit Details 
Top from Zara 
Midi Skirt from Taobao 
Socks from H&M 
Creepers from Steve Madden 

I don't think I am famous. Oh wait, how do you tell when a person is famous and how do you even evaluate someone's popularity? By the likes one person has on his Instagram pictures? By the amount of followers one has on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? 

From my perspective, I think it would be a tad too shallow to determine one's popularity by regarding only the amount of "likes" and "followers" they have on the social media platforms. 

Yes, I agree that "Likes" and "Followers" are one of the ways to determine whether one is popular, but it's not 100% reliable and valid.

Because there are people who actually BUY their Instagram's likes and followers. 

And why would people BUY likes and followers? 
To make themselves SEEM popular, so that they get attention from potential advertisers / sponsors. 

I don't know why would people BUY something that they did not work for. 

I don't know why would people lie to the world and even THEMSELVES? 

You know it's not real, you know it's a lie, you know you are cheating, the others may not, but you can never fool yourself. 

I totally have no idea why people would spend money on superficial things like that because for me, I would rather splurge on food. *Chicken pies, please.*

So before you think someone is "popular" based on their number of "likes" and "followers", maybe you should be a little more skeptical, and think twice about it. 

Well, of course I'm not saying that EVERYONE who has a great number of "Likes" and "Followers" do that, but sadly I just found a few of acquaintances (bloggers) who actually spend money to buy likes for each and every picture of theirs. Not gonna name them out here, for I believe that they will realise how dumb it is to act that way, it's just a matter of time.

And I wish they really see how bad it is to do something like that just to make themselves appear more popular. :(

I'm not famous but at least, I don't buy likes and followers. *winks* 

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