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Life is boring?

Don't you think life is nothing but boring with all the mundane daily routine? 

Waking up, brushing your teeth, breakfast, turn on computer, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

Exams are finally over, and I am finally set free from the exile of books and notes.
Finally, some holidays!! But hmm...

It was not as if I never had any day-off since I embarked on the journey of pursuing a degree. Yes, I had holidays back then, every now and then. But how did they end up?

Waking up, brushing my teeth, breakfast, turn on computer, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

And at first, I thought that this time around, pretty much nothing will change.
I will be staying home most of the time, scrolling through meaningless posts and articles on Facebook, checking out the cool-kids' photos on Instagram, complaining about my boredom on Twitter...

This happened for exactly 2 days.

But on the 3rd day of my holidays, I sat in my usual comfortable corner, but this time my eyes and fingers are not committed to my laptop. I think so myself: is this how my holidays are meant to be like? I mean, is this all that I enjoy in my life? Everything within the 15-inch monitor?

I think again, is life itself actually meant to be boring?
No...this isn't right.
*scratches head*

Then, after a good few minutes of staring into the blank,
it finally got to me.

How can life be boring? We owe it to ourselves to make life fun and enjoyable. It is completely up to us to paint vivid colours to our living days!
Gosh why was I even complaining that my life has been boring?

It's all in the mind. If nobody is going to make it fun for you, make it fun for yourself! Life isn't boring at all - it's all about what you make of it! Your life. My life.
My holidays.

Here's a recount of how I kick-started my holidays!
(which is very contrary to what I used to always do! Brace yourself!)

So a few days ago, my gang of girls decided that we should be off on a retreat, and we quickly decided that Port Dickson would be a perfect choice. Not too far from home, relaxing, and affordable! What's even better, we can finally spend some quality time off campus, NOT discussing about stress-inviting assignments and sharing our academic sufferings with each other.

It was a 2D1N trip: not the longest getaway I've been on thus far, but definitely one I enjoyed a lot.

Unconvinced? Here's a proof :p


Hmm, come to think about it;
I personally wish to encourage each of you to start living life different, and capture the moments that mean differently to you. What I mean is far beyond selfies with a totally irrelevant quote, or like-garnering shots that you probably won't care about the following day: it's all about capturing the moments that you will later on recall in life, one you can smile and reminisce about.

It would be very much of a regret if I hadn't take a photo like that back when I was in PD.
I kinda feel that the photo itself is a beautifully expressive scale of a kind of pure happiness that I wholeheartedly treasure.

Plus I actually looked pretty damn fabulous.
Okay let's not get on with that.

If you came here with high hopes that this humble blogpost will inspire you and change your life once and for all, I'm afraid that I can only apologise for now.

There really isn't anything deep that I am trying to convey here, but I sincerely encourage that you can start considering to get off your usual routine, do something different and meaningful today, and who knows: you just might be accomplishing something great and end up inspiring yourself in the very end? Also, don't forget to capture the moments that mean a lot to you!

Get off your gadgets, take the first step.
You will never be any younger than you are, right this moment.

Having said that, Chipsmore is inviting you to unbox your life for FUN by breaking the norm of routinised life by participating in the Chipsmore Don’t Do it Unless You’re Awesome 2 challenge!

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