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Offering others what you can give

Most of the time, we are not contented with what we already have in life. 

We always want more: because the society has been brainwashing us that the more material possessions we own, the better it is; because the society keeps reinforcing that the more luxury items you own, the more successful you are. 

Whenever I log on to Facebook or Instagram, I always see people posting photos of their material possessions, be it a new car, a new branded bag, a new smartphone, etc. There are many people using hashtags like #rkoi, #baller and etc, which signify nothing but wealth. And to my surprise, these words have become so mainstream and so commonly-used although they are not proper words that you can find in the dictionary. (Ok, perhaps they exist in the Urban dictionary, but you get what I mean)

Look, that's how the media, especially social media networks influence the majority - if not everyone - who uses them. They influence the way we perceive the pre-existing ideology, i.e. To be successful, you must own a big house and expensive cars. To be fashionable, you must wear designer labeled clothes. And many more... 

And most of the time, we tend to buy into the ideology which spreads materialism. We would complain how "poor" we are by evaluating how many material possessions we own in our life. We try to convince ourselves that our needs are realistic and standard, our greed inconsequential compared with others. 

But most of the time, we don't realise that we have actually placed our value in the wrong things, which leads us to disillusioned lives. 

Many people don't realise that there's actually a big difference, or maybe a big confusion between what we want versus what we need

You need shelter, but you want a big mansion. 

You need clothes, but you want a Givenchy T-shirt. 

You need a car, but you want a Lamborghini. 

We have to be honest with ourselves, we do not need to own expensive things to survive. We don't need them to be happy. We don't need them to define how "successful" or how "rich" we are. 

Many people always have the misconception that we will gain satisfaction when we own the things which are hard to afford. But the truth is, we will never be able to gain true happiness and satisfaction from them. 
Because you know where does true and lasting satisfaction comes from? 

It comes from offering others what you can give. 

Not necessarily in the form of money; it can also be your time, love and concern towards the people around you or the people who are in need. Practicing any one of them, you get to feel the true experience of happiness and satisfaction. 

Instead of making the Internet a museum to show off your material possessions, why not make it a place full of love and compassion? 

Since people like you and I are so active in social media, and we all know how powerful social media is, why don't we use it in a way which helps the needy? 

Like the ALS Ice-Bucket challenge; It has definitely raised awareness among people around the world, and has also garnered a huge sum of donation.

We can use more campaigns like that. 

I happened to come across a campaign named #DoMoreLah4Malaysia in Facebook a few days ago, and I thought it's one of the best ways to spread love and awareness to people who are in need. This campaign is created by MDEC, a government body that aims to transform Malaysia as a digital nation by 2020, and they would like also increase Malaysia's digital economy by enhancing Malaysia’s status as a global hub for ICT industries, and creating connected communities.

I actually find Jaslyn's idea meaningful because she is making use of the convenience and power of Facebook to help raising public awareness and explore fundraising opportunities for the NGOs. It can't be any easier to connect with the people from the rest of the world with Facebook nowadays, can it!
You can also see other interesting submissions in Digital Malaysia's Facebook Page.  

There are plenty of ways to help people, and one of them is definitely making use of our social media platforms to spread love, concern and care to the people (or even animals) who are less fortunate than we are.

Devote yourself to loving others. Devote yourself to helping the community. Devote yourself to making our country a loving and better place. In the end, you just might be surprised by the impact you can make...

...because nothing could be any happier than making someone smile when they are feeling sad. 

The ability to give is a blessing. Lending a hand from the bottom of your heart to the ones in need really does make you feel genuinely happy and alive. 

With that said, Digital Malaysia by MDEC is inviting us to celebrate the passion of Malaysian Youths who power their passion by harnessing technology to #DoMoreLahMalaysia. I hereby invite you to be a part of them and together, starting from you and I, make this world a better place.

Together, we can make a difference.

For more information, visit www.digitalmalaysia.my ♥ 

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