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Some Christmas Thoughts

Christmas is over and I hope you guys had a really merry jolly Christmas. My family didn't see Christmas as a really important or worth-celebrating day and hence, we didn't really celebrate it. No festive Christmas Eve dinners, no house decorations with a Christmas tree carrying shiny little ornaments nor Christmas presents in red boxes, bow ties above...

For us, it's really nothing special: just another day in the year. However, I love Christmas. It has always been one of my favourite holidays every year, because I've always loved the cheer, delight and spirit that this holiday brings to me.

Although my family don't really celebrate Christmas, I take this special opportunity to buy gifts for my family, friends and readers (yes, you guys!) to express the immense appreciation I have them. I know, buying gifts may not be the best nor the only way to show appreciation, but I believe it is certainly one of the ways to brighten up someone's day.

What makes gifting mean so much to me is the fact that it is never the value of the gifts that matters, but the sincerity and effort you put in preparing the gifts. This is a strict guideline I adhere to whenever I shop for gifts; because what is a gift when it means nothing to the recipient?

While many of us are basking in the bliss of celebration, happily exchanging presents with our beloved ones, sometimes we seem to have temporarily forgotten that at the same time, there are also people out there who are suffering from starvation, homelessness, illness and so much more.

While I was crossing the pedestrian bridge from Sungei Wang to Lot 10, then from Pavilion to the Hakka Restaurant, there are just way too many homeless beggars sitting on the sides, backs against the wall, begging for money and any kind of offering at all. Some of them even had the family sitting right next to them, hoping for the kinder souls to show up, maybe dig up some spare change and toss them into their little broken containers.

Disclaimer: As much as I am aware that there may be a lot of "professional beggars" whose collected donations will be taken by a company which "takes charge" of them, I don't believe that they don't get any cut of the sum they are donated. Since I can't rescue them from being abused by such "companies", the least I can do is donate.

Yes it is indeed ironic. While many of us are gifted with the luxury of spending Christmas with our loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, enjoying a scrumptious dinner - there are also people out there who are counting the hours, or even the days, before they can finally break fast and maybe have a sating bite on a piece of bread of which young ungrateful brats these days would never lay a tongue upon.

Most of us don't see "being able to celebrate" as a "luxury", because it seemed pretty normal. Everybody celebrates, right? But for the underprivileged, it may be a faraway dream that their broken coin containers can never promise them of.

I did not write this out of the blue, but I feel sometimes people tend to take things for granted. It's harsh, but let's face it. I can't deny that I have taken things for granted at times too. But if not now, what better time there is to own up and start anew?

I hope we can all keep in mind:

that while many of us are asking for desired gifts from our parents or boyfriend/girlfriend, there are people who only ask for the essentials of life;
and while we complain about how bad our life is, there are also people out there in the world who are struggling to survive another day.

This Christmas has taught me to appreciate and be grateful for everything I have in my life. I feel thankful that I get to always spend time with my loved ones. I'm thankful to be able to wake up in my comfortable bed when the sun is up and at night, go to bed without having my tummy starved. I'm thankful that I have the ability to give, because it's truly a blessing that I could ever have asked for.

Be grateful - and you are one step closer to true happiness.




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