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Tim Ho Wan 添好运 @ Mid Valley

I had been having too much of Western-styled breakfasts for the past few weeks, and my grandma always assumed that I personally prefer Western cuisine over the others. In fact, I enjoy having Chinese-styled breakfast too, and one of my favourites is none other than DIMSUM!

And guess what? Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong's very own One Starred Michelin restaurant has opened its first outlet ever in Malaysia, right at Mid Valley, K.L!!! Now that we no longer have to purchase flight tickets in order to enjoy HK Dimsum (really, what a luxury would that be), the name Tim Ho Wan is sure to resonate with very much hype in KL, if not in the entire Malaysia.

P.S Tim Ho Wan is the closest portrayal of the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese characters "添好运", which literally means "granting good luck"

My friends and I decided to visit Tim Ho Wan on Monday, because we thought that the queue would be shorter, since it's a Monday. We thought.

I reached Mid Valley at 10.30am and I couldn't believe what met my eyes (which at that point, was already drowning with tears of despair) - An unexpectedly long queue in front of the restaurant.

Despite the seemingly endless beeline (I'm obviously exaggerating, but endless was what came to my mind when I first saw the line), I decided to queue up anyway because I was really desperate to try their Dimsum. This is the reason we came all the way for. It's dine or die.

They open at only 11am daily, but I personally prefer having dimsum earlier, probably around 8-9am? 11am sounds like brunch to me already. 

The waitress distributed the order chit while we were still behind the long queue, so that we can first make up our mind on what to order prior to entrance. 

The variety is not as extensive as I expected for a restaurant of its class, but they are currently serving 31 kinds of the Dimsum "essentials".

At precisely 11am, the waitresses started ushering groups and groups of people to their tables. We were swept with a sense of relief as soon as we were seated, because it feels so good to be able to sit down after queuing for a long time hahaha!

While waiting for our food to be served, Coey said: "I will be so pissed off if the food isn't good, they better not waste my time and energy."

Upon hearing that, I was quite anxious because after all, I was the one who suggested to give Tim Ho Wan a try.

Then a monologue started helplessly in my mind: Hmm...apparently this is a Michelin star restaurant... so I suppose the food can't be very bad? I mean, it should at least have the Michelin's standard, right? Oh my god, what if the food tastes bad..., I must die die say it's nice la even though it tastes bad...

So the food was served...
Pan Fried Carrot Cake (rm9.80) 
Coey took the first bite, and delightfully exclaimed: "Mmm, this one is good!!"

It was only then all the weight of the anxiousness and worries immediately came off my shoulders! I personally think the carrot cake tasted good too!!

Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling (rm10.80) 
Stretching far beyond the measure of my expectation, the crunchy fried dumplings taste surprisingly good in synergy with wasabi!

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (Char Siu) (rm10.80) 
With a balanced fusion of sweetness and saltiness, this dish is sure to go down into my recommended list! Crispy and sweet, the bun tastes exactly like Polo Bun (菠萝包) and the BBQ pork goes perfectly well with the bun.

Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp (rm10.80) 
The beancurd skin is really crispy, but a little too oily. The portion was also unexpectedly small for its price.

Spring Roll with Egg White (rm7.80) 
One of my favourites!!

Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver (rm10.80) 
Didn't try this because pig's liver has never really been my thing, oops. 

Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp (rm12.80) 
Finally something that is not fried, but the taste didn't really meet my expectation. It's just mediocre and for its quality, you can practically find something similar, if not better, at a much lower price in other Dimsum restaurants. 

Pork Dumpling with Shrimp (rm10.80) 
My favourite Xiu Mai!!! The pork was fresh, the "badly refrigerated pork" odour is totally not a worry.

Here's me with a table of mouthwatering dimsum!!!
(See the long queue outside?)

Overall, I think it's worth trying because...
1) The quality of food met my expectation.
2) The restaurant is pretty spacious and air-conditioned so you can have your meal comfortably.

However, if I must give a negative comment, it would be the price. The food were relatively over-priced with the small portion they serve. But after all, these are all just my personal opinions. I would suggest you to try it out and determine its worthiness yourself! :)