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Win a pair of Steve Madden home!

Christmas is 3 days away and I am SO EXCITED. I'm actually not a Christian, but hey it's Christmas! Who doesn't feel pumped up for Christmas? To suit the season (and the weird excitement I feel for Christmas), it did not take me long to draft my outfit for today. The colour choice was as easy. As I had already wore green and red last year, this time I'm going with white & red. 






If you noticed, the sweater I'm wearing has geometrically stitched texture: little triangles are arranged in countless octagons all over the sweater, rendering a clean yet fun feel to the outfit. The wine-red skirt on the other hand has effortlessly added a sweet touch to the outfit and, of course, themed the entire outfit to a vibrant Christmas vibe.

Outfit details 
Textured sweater from Ellysage 
Skirt from Zara
Sneakers from Steve Madden 
Bag from Happy2ucc 


For the most comfortable Christmas-Shopping-Marathon experience, I threw my stiletto heels out of the window and picked up this pair of leather sneakers from Steve Madden. Heck, the sole thought of walking for hours on a pair of high heels can already make me die a little inside. With this pair of badass-looking saviour, I treaded for hours without being a single complaint hehe! Superbly comfortable yet chic, this pair of kicks is almost like the best of both worlds!

Well, here's a good news!
I have an invitation for you to shop as comfortably as I do. Read on! :p

Steve Madden is hosting a Christmas giveaway on their official Facebook page, and there isn't a reason for you to not try your luck for a pair of Steve Madden kicks! Follow the simple steps below, and who knows, you just might be the lucky winner..!

1. Log on to Facebook, and visit the official page of Steve Madden.
2. Make sure you liked the page!
3. Click on the 12 Days of Giveaway tab! (or simply follow the link http://bit.ly/mymadden12 on your browser)
4. Answer a question, and you're done!

Upon completing the question, you will be entered into a Lucky Draw, and here are the prizes which you may be taking home!

4 x Steve Madden "BANANA" footwear worth RM120 each
4 x Sephora Gift card worth RM20 each 
4 x Starbucks Gift Card worth RM20 each 
Note: All correct entries will be entered into the Grand Draw for 1 x Grand Prize of Steve Madden shoes worth RM450 of her choice*.

The game is simple. Guess the name of the shoes, and that's it! Not a professor about "shoe names"? No worries! Simply click the click here button in the page, and you will be taken to CCshop's website (the SEA online store for Steve Madden shoes) where you can find yourself several hints!

Oh, and did I mention that you do not need to win to get yourself freebies?
As long as you participated, you will get an E-Voucher emailed to you, and you can flash this voucher when you shop at Steve Madden@KLCC! Remember, you will need to spend a minimum of RM350 to be able to use the E-Voucher, and it will only be valid for two weeks from the date of issue.

Start guessing away, and I wish you the best of luck!
May the Steve Madden Santa be ever in your favour ;) 


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