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Hey y'all. So how's everyone doing? 

I've been really busy recently, and I think this is a such a good start for a new year. I'm trying to keep myself occupied every day instead of wasting my time on idling. I'm not sure whether I've told you this, but I think can be such a workaholic. Or perhaps I really am?

I've learned to not carry things on to the next day if the things are supposed to be done on that particular day, ever since I was young. I've learned that procrastinating is bad.

I can still remember when I was in high-school, how I insisted to get my homework done in class on that day it was issued, even if we were given a week to get it done. I don't know why, but it had became an indispensable habit since young. Though I'm not a perfectionist, I try my best to be well-organised and disciplined. In terms of academics, I left little or no worry at all for my parents: they know what kind of person I am. They knew that "nagging" wasn't necessary at all, since I will get them done at my own initiative anyway. Nonetheless, I have to thank my parents, especially my mum, for having me trained to be independent and disciplined.

I've been working all these while. Just in case you didn't know, I commit to two part-time jobs, blogging (not sure if it actually is a job at all hahaha) and being a drafter in a education institution that provides free online tuition for students (although their objective is charitable, they still pay their work force). Being a drafter requires me to construct questions for high-school students. For example, if my assigned task for this month is Add Maths Chapter 1, I would have to come up with at least 10 questions for each of the topic assigned. I would say this job is pretty fun and the best part is, the working time is totally flexible and I can work anywhere I want (that means I don't have to work in the office) as long as I get my job done within a set time frame. 

I love that I'm living my life like this. 

I love that when I wake up every morning, I have something to look forward to, plans to be carried out, and work to be done. 

I believe that before every accomplishment, it all began with the determination to try. 

I remember asking my younger cousin: "Why did you score C for BM?" 

He replied: "Because I never studied for it." 

I responded: "Since you know this is the reason why you can't get an A, then why not you try to study and understand the subject?" 

My cousin hated BM. He said he didn't feel like studying it. 

I told him to try. To try to enjoy the subject, read more books, look up for vocabularies in the dictionary whenever he encounters any that he doesn't understand. 

I believe that nobody is born clever, because it all depends on your hard work and perseverance in learning new things every day. 

You don't need a new year to change; you are already making a change right when you make the decision to change. Many people like to give excuses to pat themselves on the back. Many people think that there's always another time for making a change. However, more often than not, "later" becomes "never".

Perhaps 10 years from now, you would regret for not doing the one thing you should have done today. 

Motivation is what get you started; habit is what keeps you going.

Happened to see this quote in Twitter today, and I thought it's meaningful. 

Yes, it gives you a boost to be motivated, but how many of us can keep the motivation fuel burning consistently? This is precisely where "habit" comes in. If you've decided to achieve a goal, say "exercising", you need to tell yourself that you must make exercising as a habit. Push yourself harder when you feel that you are slacking and tell yourself to stop only when you are DONE, not when you are TIRED. In the end, you will be surprised by what "good habits" can do to you, because you will never know how slight daily improvements can lead to stunning long-term results. 

Success doesn't come with no pain. It's only wishful thinking that success may come without any obstacles. Even if it really does, it will never last long. 


Wake up every morning with a determination, then go to bed every night with a hard-earned satisfaction! Push yourself to your limits, because if you don't, nobody else will do that for you. ;) 

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  1. I am so motivated by this post! I am currently struggling in my time management because I have so much things to do, including my exams T.T but then after I read this, I started to think that everything will be alright as long as I learn how to manage my time properly. Procrastinating is my bad habit to be honest. I keep on stopping at the time whenever I feel that I am tired, and right now, I learned that I should stop when I feel that I am done, not I am tired! I feel really motivatedd! <3 thank youuu! Sorry for the long rants :') but I hope you will read this :)