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FREE smartphone for you!

Hey there.

Today, I am going to tell you a little about the life of Teddy.

Teddy is turning 20 next year, just as I, but there is this something that time did not rob off him.

It is this part that only the ones who are close to him would know about.

He never really tells anyone about it. Even his "close ones" have to observe for themselves.
I sympathise with him, of course.

I can't call it shameful - it isn't right - but I'm afraid that not many would be proud to be in his shoes.
Even myself.

Anyway, I had an interview with Teddy, and his untold stories will finally be brought to light.

Are you ready?

Is my attempt at suspense a good one?
Did I fish the question marks out of the confused head you're scratching?
Let me know in the comments maybe :p

Alright, not gonna mess with you too much.
Here's what I was talking about:

His graceful hand holding the legend of our time - Nokia 1200

According to his recount, this phone has been his trusty friend for 8 years now.
It's now 2015 as I am writing these lines, so by the time you read this, Teddy should be celebrating his old friend's 9th Birthday already LOL!!!


For a person like myself, I rely pretty heavily on my smartphone.

Powerful as the other smartphones are, I couldn't help but my phone to be my "personal manager" in almost everything I do in a day. GPS, texting my friends on WhatsApp, reading blogs when I'm nowhere near my Macbook, posting vain selfies on Instagram, checking the traffic conditions, stalking the cool kids on Facebook...and that is not all. If I am to cover every single thing I use my smartphone for, I can already write an entire blogpost already lah.

And with the phone he currently owns, Teddy can actually accomplish none of all the aforementioned. :X

I have a good feeling in my tummy that his fate is going to change for the better.
Or I should say, the very much better.


Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.21.54 PM

So there is this crazy deal which just got to town, brought to the market by DiGi. 

As many of us may have already known, DiGi offers the widest range of free smartphones, ranging from the...

*Wait, what? FREE SMARTPHONES? Are you kidding me bro?*

No, not at all. Please read on! 

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.25.07 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.22.39 PM
DiGi offers the widest range of free smartphones, ranging from the latest Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G to Samsung GALAXY Grand Prime, and also the very best deals on high performance phones such as Xiaomi Mi 3 and Honor 6.


No, DiGi is not kidding. All you have to do is to sign up for a DG SmartPlan, and tadaa - there you have it! A brand new smartphone! Psst, you might not even need to pay for the smartphone. I'm serious!

But why now? Why not wait for a better deal, you ask? 

Here's why:
If you sign up for any of the following during the Jualan Terhebat DiGi period (right now), you will be entitled to an additional 2,400 minutes of talktime and 2,400 SMS!

Previously under another mobile service provider, now switching to DiGi? Good news!
Customers who switch to DiGi will also get to enjoy extra rebates up to RM200!


*Sounds like a good deal, but what is it in for me?
How is the DG SmartPlan like, the one you were talking about?*

It's simple, here's how the plan goes:
Note: standby for awesomeness.

DG SmartPlan 78: RM78/month, 3GB, 100mins, 100SMS
Additional perks: UNLIMITED WhatsApp, FREE Norton Security, FREE Deezer (awesome music streaming app) and UNLIMITED Weekend Calls (from DiGi to DiGi lines)!!

What? Oh you're a heavier user and 3GB might not suffice? No worries! Here are the other options:

DG SmartPlan 108RM108/month, 5GB, 300mins, 300SMS
DG SmartPlan 148: RM148/month, 6GB, 600mins, 600SMS

Note: Whichever plan you opt for, you will still be entitled to the additional perks!

*So how am I actually saving with DiGi?*

Here's how!
Example 1: FREE device (Isn't that just sweet?)
Example 2: DISCOUNTED device (A good smartphone at THIS price?)

Having checked out the deals myself, DiGi left me looking at the ceiling, wondering...
Can smartphones be anymore affordable?

I mean, if you have been longing for a smartphone for a long time already, what better time there is to get yourself one than now? I mean, come on, DiGi has all the marvelous offers that you are not likely to come across in a long time. With all the freebies coming along with a cool smartphone, what else can be holding you back?!! Imagine yourself getting yourself a new smartphone without getting any freebies...

This is really one of the best deals I've seen thus far. I am so going to tell Teddy about this.

Don't let this golden chance slip past, hop over to the official website for more information now!

If you sign up during the Jualan Terhebat DiGi period (right now!), you will be entitled to an additional 2,400 minutes of talktime and 2,400 SMS!

Enjoy your brand new smartphone! You're welcome heheh. 

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