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OKONOMI - As You Like It

Your role? Your roll? Your roll's role? Your role's roll?


Sorry for the lame (or confusing) rhyme, but believe it or not, it actually has something to do with what I'm going to blog about today, which is Okonomi!

Wait, what? Okonomi? 

Okonomi is actually the name of a Japanese restaurant I visited yesterday in Publika. The name "Okonomi" means "as you like it" in Japanese. (So what does "okonomi" have to do with sushi? Let me explain!)

Okonomi encourages you to unleash your inner creativity and create a sushi roll that's just RIGHT for you. Okonomi is probably the first restaurant ever that allows you to CUSTOMISE your very own sushi roll with the ingredients they provided.


It's super easy to customise your own sushi roll: everything can be done with 3 simple steps. Here's how:

Step 1 - Choose your base (not bae)

a) White rice or Brown rice
b) Maki (exterior wrapping) or Uramaki (interior wrapping)
c) Seaweed or Soy wrap
(For my personal combination, I chose the white rice, Uramaki-style and seaweed.)

Step 2 - Choose your fillings  
Now here comes the fun part! You get to decide how many kinds of fillings you want in your sushi roll (a minimum of 3 & a maximum of 5). What's even better: there is a myriad of fillings that you can choose from, ranging from vegetables (perfect for the vegetarians!) to seafood! Asparagus, cucumber, tamago, coral lettuce, mushrooms, avocado are just some examples from the vege selection. Salmon, tuna mayo, baby octopus, scallop, crab stick, chicken teriyaki, Hokkaido crab meat, Unagi, etc are also free for you to choose (they charge for premium fillings)!! Enjoy playing around with the mix-and-match of your favourite ingredients, and leave the making of the rolls to them. Just MAKE YOUR CALL!

Step 3 - Choose your sauce and toppings 
Guess what? You can even choose your own sauce and toppings!!!! I JUST SAID THAT, DUH!!! I was absolutely spoilt for choice! Just to name a few, Mentai Mayo, black pepper sauce, kiwi mayo, curry sauce, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, cheddar mayo, etc are just a small part of the list. For toppings, they offer choices such as Ebikko, Tobiko, fish flakes, spring onion, black sesame and many more. However, you can only choose 1 type of sauce and 1 kind of topping you want for your sushi roll. Of course, you can add extra toppings at an extra charge. ;)

Well, if you are lazy to customise your own roll, they do have some pre-customised house rolls for you.

Apart from sushi rolls, they also offer a variety of other temptations such as rice and pastas!

California Roll (rm16.90) 
Crab stick, cucumber, avocado, lettuce wrapped in the embrace of ocean-fresh seaweed, topped with the Ebikko and mayonnaise sauce. 

 Katsu Curry Chicken Rice (rm18.90) 
Coming in a generous portion, this plate of curry goodness is promisingly flavourful and savoury! Besides, the toppings on the rice were brilliant enhancements to its fragrance.

Salmon Teriyaki Rice (rm18.90) 
Fresh salmon fillets sat in a pool of sweet and delicious teriyaki sauce, served with rice, fried salmon skins and sesame cucumber. Holy cow, THE SAUCE IS AMAZING! 

The Seafood Supreme (rm26.90) 
Soft shell crab, Hokkaido crab meat, cucumber wrapped with seaweed and white rice, and topped with salmon, cereal and Yukke sauce. What a beautifully crafted dish, isn't it? I was head over heels for this - this plate carries everything I like!! (I didn't even need to do the customisation!) For those who enjoy seafood as I do, this is a must-order!

Untitled   And tadaa, here comes my customised roll!!!!

My proudly-customised roll boasts 5 awesome and fresh fillings wrapped in seaweed and white rice (fresh salmon, soft shell crab, baby octopus, seasoned scallop and cucumber) and I decided to top it off with Ebikko and Mentai sauce. To be honest, I was extremely satisfied with my very own recipe hahaha!! My family said this was the best dish among the rest and vanity had me floating all over the place. I love how the chef crafted the roll with consideration of balancing the amount of fillings in each roll, and ensuring that the fillings complement each other well. One word to describe my dish? PERFECTION!

It's surely a fun way to have sushi with your friends and family by customising your own sushi roll with more than 40 kinds of fresh ingredients. I mean, it was almost like LEGO. HAHA! I would strongly recommend you to customise your own rolls that cater to your taste before trying out their pre-customised house specials.

I can't wait to come back again and enjoy more of my personally customised rolls!!!

If you have tried Okonomi before, tell me about your roll!  ;)

 A4-G2-02, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. (The row below The Red Beanbag) 

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