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Shop for Melinda Looi x Amber Chia CNY Collection

When people think of Chinese New Year, they usually associate it with wealth, health, and prosperity. However, sometimes we also tend to forget that “good fortune” could also mean the abundance of wonderful people in our lives. 

I have often pondered upon the mystery of “Yuan ()”, the Chinese word that means serendipity in English – a concept described as “the "binding force" that links two persons together in any relationship”. Serendipity also means “finding something good without looking for it”. This is true for me. I have been blessed with a life full of supportive and amazing family, friends, and colleagues.  

This is the story of Melinda Looi and how she started her collaboration with Amber Chia. 

When I was only 5 years old back in the second millennium, fate brought Amber Chia and Melinda Looi together. Amber was just a young model then, and Melinda had just started out in the fashion business. Over the years, their paths crossed many times, mainly at events and fashion shows. Today, they are mothers, businesswomen and relative veterans in the fashion industry. Melinda believes that “yuan” (serendipity) led to their first meeting, and that it is the reason why they are working together on a Chinese New Year collection, ML x AC (Melinda Looi and Amber Chia) today.   

Yuan: The Beauty of Serendipity is a collection that celebrates friendships and relationships. Melinda used bright, auspicious and “happy” colours combined with different fabrics to represent the many faces and personalities of people that touch our lives. 

Yellow signifies hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun; green is for love of family and friends; coral is for warmth and vitality; blue is for trust and peace; and purple stands for for compassion and respect. There is serious and structured jacquard, light chiffon, elegant satin, and casual yet versatile cotton.  

I personally think that Yuan: The Beauty of Serendipity is a collection that goes beyond the usual Chinese New Year offerings. Amber and Melinda designed this collection so that busy ladies like them can wear the pieces for all kinds of occasions by just dressing it up or down with accessories.  

From traditional and elegant qipao,  youthful dresses with an oriental touch, roomy A-lined blouses to modern structured vest and pants suitable for the office - there is always something to suit all kinds of body types and personalities.  


Of course, one of the most important things that “yuan” (serendipity) brought to us is our beloved family. Amber and Melinda love to dress their children up, so they designed a range of fun, casual polos for the family.  They have polo tees for men, women, little boys, and girls, as well as adorable matching mother/daughter polo dresses. 

You can get 50% off for buying the collection by Melinda Looi and Amber Chia today!

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