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Does true love exist?

Hello cutie bunnies! How's your Valentine's Day? 

I hope you did spend a great time with your loved ones yesterday. For those who are single, I know it might be just yet another normal Saturday for you, but Valentine's Day is not all about your girlfriend / boyfriend. Your friends can be your valentine. Your family members can be your valentine. Even your pet can be your valentine! So don't be sad if you haven't find a better half for now; there's nothing shameful about being single! 

Keep your heads up because trust me, one day you will meet the right one at the right time. You will meet the one who loves you unconditionally. You just gotta have faith and never give up on believing in love. 

Does true love exist? 
To me, yes. I believe that true love does exist. I've found it. 

I found someone who loves me for being who I am, who willingly embraces my imperfections. I found someone who doesn't only go through the ups in my life, but also the downs alongside myself. I found someone who is willing to listen to me, regardless I'm happy or sad. I found someone who insists in giving me a goodnight-call before I go to bed every night. I found someone who constantly tells me that I'm beautiful, even when I have no makeup on. I found someone who gives honest advice to me, corrects my mistakes and helps me to be a better person. I found someone who doesn't only support me in what I'm doing, but also be a part of it to help me achieve the great and greater. I found someone who never leaves during our hardest times but still fights for our relationship. I found someone who sees his future with me. 

I found him. 

I've found that "one person" ♡ 

I don't often talk about my love life in my blog, but it doesn't mean that I'm not happy with my current relationship, nor am I not proud of my boyfriend. 

I am thankful to have him by my side for 913 days, and the count continues. ♡ 

If you're interested to know more about how I spent my Valentine's Day, feel free to read my Dayre haha! Dayre is the place where I will blog about more casual stuffs, like my daily life and shameless selfies hahahaha.

Here are some outfit pictures that he took for me yesterday: 

(Yes, we even worked on Valentine's Day as well okay haha. I brought two different sets of outfits out for shooting yesterday!!) 







Wearing the gorgeous duo colour-block cheongsam (also available in pink and white, whereas mine is in almond) from MGPlabel!! The best thing about MGPlabel is that all the clothes are exclusively manufactured in premium quality. Besides, they also come in all sizes, from XS to L, so you won't have to worry about not getting a garment you like in your own size! (unless you clicked wrongly while you're ordering lol).

There are also lots of different designs on their website and yes, they do ship to Malaysia by Poslaju!!!! So you can get your parcel within 3 days after you've made the payment!! If you want to do some last minute CNY shopping, I would suggest you to head over to MGPlabel because I'm sure you will find something you like!!!! Okay la, here's the link for you to shop for their CNY collections  CLICK ME

You're welcome hehe. 

Now the floor is yours, feel free to leave a comment and tell me:

Do you believe in true love? 

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