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The White Culottes

Because I have such a petite figure, I used to be afraid of wearing midi skirts, long jeans, tailored pants, culottes, etc. Whenever it comes to shopping, I totally ignore the long-bottom sections which I know will only make me appear even shorter.

However, I've changed.

I've become more daring when it comes to fashion as I always challenge myself to experiment with different styles and trends. Basically, I got comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone.

I find it boring to stick to only one particular style, and that explains why I always try to give different styles an earnest approach. Just recently, I found myself having an intense preference for culottes!

Well, just in case you need a definition of what "culotte" is:

culottes |kjuːˈlɒt(s)| plural noun
women's knee-length trousers, cut with full legs to resemble a skirt.

You're welcome ;)

From runways to streets, culottes have indisputably taken the fashion scene by storm. They may seem to be a risky option for petite girls like me due to its wide-legged design, which might severely shorten one's frame. 

But you know what? I'm just so in love with the pair of white culotte I got from Anticlockwise recently!

Here's WHY. 

Firstly, the culottes are available in white, black and grey. I was caught in a dilemma between the trio, but in the end I went with white by intuition. The first idea that came to mind was to pair it with a white shimmery top because I simply cannot resist the simplicity which white-on-white ensembles bring out effortlessly. For the shoes, I opted my killer boots from Steve Madden because I cannot see a better option which is able to elongate my frame as much as they do. 

I'm totally in love with the entire look! Not only that it looks edgy and crisp, the culotte feels surprisingly comfortable too! Fairly versatile, this pair of culotte can be worn in both casual and work setting. For a casual inclination, you can pair it with tees, sweaters and even sneakers down below. For a more elegant and classy touch, just get in a buttoned-up shirt and put on a pair of strapped heels. Remember, always tuck your shirt in to keep yourself structured and not appear slouchy! ;) 







Outfit details 
Shimmery pullover from Anticlockwise 
Fit and Flare Culottes from Anticlockwise 
Boots from Steve Madden 

Photos by Teddy, editing by yours truly. 

Anyway, I've made a NEW video about some ideas for VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Check it out on my channel now!!! :)


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