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Things I look forward to during Chinese New Year






It's Chinese New Year again!! I really can't believe how quickly time has passed us by! It feels as if we had just celebrated Chinese New Year yesterday because I can still remember very clearly what I wore for last year's CNY hahahahaha. I'm absolutely sure that I wore a soft pink cheongsam from www.mgplabel.com on the first day of CNY (don't believe? Scroll down my Instagram feed to see if I'm right hahahahaha)

So here am I to blog about the things that I look forward to during the Chinese New Year:

I think CNY is a great excuse for me to do some crazy shopping for new clothes without getting chided by my mum hahaha. What's better than shopping with impunity? This year, I got most of my CNY clothes from Singapore online shops such as Mgplabel, TheStageWalk and Anticlockwise. Mgplabel always has the most beautiful quintessential cheongsam collection that everyone yearns for during CNY, while TSW and ACW house a myriad of choices which suit your need for any occasion you can think of.
Do let me know in the comment section below whether CNY is a great excuse for you to shop too! :P

Put your hands in the air if you like CNY cookies!!! I love CNY because only during this festival, the dining table in my house will be filled with jars and jars of cookies. If you come to visit my house during normal days, I'm sorry but I won't have any food for you (not even snacks) because it's not a habit for my family to store snacks or biscuits in my house (which means even if I'm hungry in the middle of the night, I can only eat cereal or drink tea..no maggi, no bread, no biscuits, nothing) BUT!!!!! I'm so happy to see all the CNY cookies piling up on the table during CNY because I know I can always count on them whenever I feel hungry. And this year is slightly more special because my mum made all the cookies by herself!!

These are all made by my mum!! Chocolate cookies, butterscotch cookies, pineapple tarts and also seaweed biscuits!! My favourites are the butterscotch cookies and seaweed biscuits hehehe. 

I remember when I was young, I always felt so excited for CNY because of the beautifully designed angpaos. My favourite thing to do was to keep and collect many different designs of angpaos as I could! Back then, I would always carry a mini pouch with me whenever I visit my relatives to keep all the angpaos. I would get a strong sense of contentment when my mini pouch is stuffed with angpaos hahaha. And my mum would always tell me not mind the value of the money contained in the angpaus, because people are never obliged to give us angpaos: giving angpaos is just an act of kindness from others. But let's be true to ourselves, how many of us are bothered about the true meaning behind this tradition of giving red packets? Many of us just care about how much money lies inside those sealed envelopes. People just like to compare how much money they get from angpaus, and this has sadly but irreversibly seemed to have became a "money-minded" competition between many teenagers these days. I mean, what we should really treasure is the spirit of giving, but not the numbers inside the red packets.

Chinese New Year = Holidays!!! People get to take a break from work and school and to enjoy a short holiday filled with snacks and drinks haha! My dad works all year long, even on the weekends, but CNY makes the only exceptional case for him. I'm glad that he is sitting back on the couch and watching his favourite film right now. He always deserved a good break like this.

Reunion dinners are fantastic!!! We usually have our reunion dinner at home. My mum and my grandma will be the chefs, and they will prepare a total of 6-7 dishes for reunion dinner! Besides the scrumptious dishes, what I enjoy the most is the time spent preparing dinner with my family. I like the idea of everyone gathering for a jolly time because it's such a rare opportunity for everyone in the family to be able to have dinner together around the same table, at the same time, sharing the same jokes and laughters.

So I guess that's all!!! Now it's your turn to tell me:

What are the things that you look forward to during Chinese New Year? ;)

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