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Think Before You Type

As a Communication student, I’m fully aware of the importance of the Internet and how it has revolutionized the way people communicate and share information with each other.  In fact, the Internet is inevitably a near indispensable part of our life. I’m sure that my parents rely on the Internet so much too (for both communication and entertainment) so let alone a teenager like me haha!

            I do consider myself as a heavy user of the Internet.

            I go online almost 24/7. I go to Instagram all the time, and I won’t even allow myself to stop scrolling until I reach the picture that I’ve last seen. I go to Twitter to rant about things. I go to Facebook when I’m bored. I go to Youtube to get my daily dose of inspirations and entertainment from my favourite Youtubers. I go to Google when I need to find any information.

            Practically, I’m just like any typical teenager out there, going online to get entertained, to kill time, to derive information and to keep connected to everyone. If not all of us, it's the Internet that makes me feel connected sometimes. Nobody wishes to be forgotten, to be left out. And it’s the Internet that makes us feel that we are a part of the society. Without the Internet, we might even feel lost or detached. We might feel that there’s something missing in our life, simply because the Internet has undoubtedly become an integral part of our life.

            The Internet has no doubt benefited people from all walks of life in many ways, but at the same time, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that the borderless realms of the Internet have also brought us countless negative influences and impacts. Pornography, cyber-bullying, defamation, identity theft; these are just a tip of the long list. Many teenagers are reported to have suffered cyber-bullying and defamation by keyboard warriors, who spread nothing but negativity around to cast grief upon the victims.

            Personally, I’d been a victim too, back when I was in high school. Those insulting Facebook statuses people posted about me, those mean comments they deliberately wrote to bring me down, the catcalls made by a gang of people just to make fun of me; they each left me feeling devastated and helplessly vulnerable. I felt like there’s no way that I can stop them. It seemed to be futile to stand up for myself because the more I try to clear thing up, the more they were going to elaborate my pain. This had affected me so much that for a period of time, I cried myself to bed almost every night. I fell clumsily into the clasp of a delusion that told me this: “No matter how badly you need it, no one will be there for you.” Nobody seemed to be able to help defending me, except myself. My life seemed to bear no meaning nor purpose, except for the uninvited anguish that roared and echoed around me. Stepping on stakes of pain, I tried to shut the windows of negative voices, only to no avail. The words are just like swords, repeatedly piercing my soulless vessel by the solar plexus. I didn’t know what I could do to stop myself from feeling distressed. I didn’t know how. 

            So you see…Cyber-bullying is no joke. In many ways, cyber-bullying can be worse than physical harm. It’s not something that one can get over and heal overnight. It takes a lot of courage to stand up, to feel confident and positive and be ready to face life again. In some serious cases, cyber-bullying can ultimately lead the victims to experience dysphoria, where suicidal thoughts find their parasitic settlement.

            Cyber-bullying has to STOP.
            Be a responsible and ethical Internet user, and make the Internet a safe environment! Let us make it a place where people can promote positive uses of networked media content in the community.

Think before you type.

I shall end this post with a good song :) Hope you guys enjoy it! 

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