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Urban Decay 2015 SPRING Collection + Makeup Tutorial

As winter slowly trots off, here comes spring! *DUH* The Urban Decay 2015 Spring Collection has finally arrived to chase the winter blues away!! 

A few days ago, the team from Urban Decay Cosmetics Malaysia sent me a range of products from their latest spring collection, for review purposes as usual. The products will only be available in Sephora from 19th of February and onward, so I'm one of the earliest bunnies who get my hands on their latest makeup collection. I'm such a lucky girl!!! ❤ 

Urban Decay: 
This is how we're doing spring: beautiful, luminous skin and lighter colors—all with that iconic UD edge. We built out our arsenal with two new weightless Naked Skin products, a new sheer, yet still pigmented lipstick and a revolutionary formula that'll change the way you touch up your makeup.

My new babies!! ❤ 

Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation
(A protective beautiful pouch is included to keep your compact powder safe!) 

It would be indeed superficial if I am to say that this is yet another usual powder foundation that you can find anywhere. Well, I can tell you that it's definitely NOWHERE NEAR the usual powder foundation - those that often leaves your skin feeling dry and cake-y. Instead, it promisingly delivers amazing coverage to your face with a luminous, demi-matte finish! It just feels like having a second skin (only that this skin has super flawless complexion hehe) 

What's so special about this powder foundation is that it works under both DRY and WET conditions. Well, what I mean is you can either use this formula dry for a matte finish, OR you can try to damp it up for a glossier texture. Just wet the sponge cushion-y top a little, and apply the powder foundation on your face evenly! I like how it evens out my skin tone perfectly and even if I applied an excess, it'll still blend well with my skin. No cracked-cakes on the face yo! 

The Spring Collection is not just about creating a flawless skin texture, but doing so with WEIGHTLESS products, just like the Naked Skin Concealer. As feather-light as can be, this high-tech formula melds like a second skin, granting you impeccable coverage in a zing. Now, you can simply hide your flaws and dark circles away easily, with just one swipe of Naked Skin Concealer!
(a single swipe goes a long way, trust me!) 

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow - Ether 
I've never seen such a beautiful and sparkly eyeshadow before!! 

P1180391 The microfine bits of iridescent sparkles fuse effortlessly with intense, dreamy hues and 3D metallics. It glides on super easily on your eyelids, creating a smooth and brilliantly reflective look (and fret not, there won't be a single speck of glittery chunk)! 

Looking for a lipstick which is rich in colour, yet gives you a sheer and shiny finish? Then girl do I have a recommendation: THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU - The Sheer Revolution Lipstick in the colour F-Bomb. The texture is comfortably creamy, and the colour dispersion is just impregnably even and pleasing. Best part is, I could find little or no breakage at all while I'm putting it on. Definitely one of the best lipsticks I've ever kissed! *get it get it? LOL*

Guess what?! I've made a new video featuring all the products listed above! I recorded this video not because the sponsors asked me to, but I want you bunnies to witness firsthand, how the products actually enhanced my complexion, and helped creating a flawless skin!!! 

I'm not a makeup guru and I'm definitely not going to claim myself as one. (Deja vu. Did I say this before?) However, I take whimsical pleasure in exploring the depths of makeup, how different products work on my face, what suits me the best. It is almost exactly like how I enjoy discovering  new fashion tips and trends! 

I think makeup really does wonders to people. It makes me feel more confident and what's even better - it certainly doesn't only stop there.

Whenever you grow tired of the "layers" on your face, you can simply wipe it off in a breeze - it's NOT something that you will have to carry on your face permanently. Makeup doesn't require a lot too: no needles, anaesthetic, knives, syringes - only cute fluffy brushes! ~_^)  

I hope you guys enjoy watching my makeup "tutorial", and please gimme a "thumbs up" if you do! Whether you "liked" it or not, viewing will still mean a lot to me!! (。◕‿◕。)  

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