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#JessicaGoesToSingapore - DAY 3 (Lasalle College)

So on the 3rd day (which was the last day) of our Singapore trip, Joanne brought us to Bugis for shopping. We also visited her school, Lasalle College of Arts

After having a light breakfast in Toastbox, we then took the MRT to Bugis. Bugis, to me, is like Chinatown in Malaysia. BUT, the clothes they sell in Bugis are relatively nicer lah haahahah. It's nice to shop in Bugis (in my opinion) because most of the stores sell pretty affordable yet trendy fashion garments, catering to the younger generation. My mum was there with us, but she didn't buy anything because she thought the clothes are too "young" for her hahaha. 

We got ourselves some great deals in Bugis. I got a skirt for only $8 if I have not mistaken, and also a jersey for $10. Coey and Joanne each got a jacket (a thick one!!!) for only $15. And I think the design is nice too!! 

However, I noticed that there are a lot of shops selling the same designs, which is super competitive for the sellers, so it keeps me wondering how can the vendors survive in such a competitive market. 

After shopping in Bugis, Joanne led us to her school, which is just a few streets away from the Bugis marketplace!  

Upon reaching her school, right before our eyes stood these magnificent buildings. 

The exterior and the ambiance simply emanated a strong artsy fartsy feel. Well, I guess that's how a college of Arts should be?

And here we were, hanging out at the so-called popular spot in the school to take some pictures hahaha! The grasses are artificial though. 


And this is the outfit I wore! :) 

Both the top and bottom are from MONKI whereas my sneakers are from New Balance. 

 Had lunch in this hipster cafe in the college. 

Such a nice place for staffs and students to read, hang out and share conversations while having lunch. 

Mummy ordered a plate of mushroom spaghetti with truffle oil. 

And we also shared the ham and pineapple pizza, which tasted pretty good!! 


After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to get our luggages and then took the MRT to the airport. I know I have mentioned this, but thank you again, Joanne!!! You're such an angel.

Ok this emoji is for Joanne (hahaha hello Joanne, if you are reading this!) 

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