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My First Stop Motion Production

Hey ya bunnies! What's up? 

This week has been tough. Uni life has been getting tougher and busier than ever. There's  just so much to revise and so much to do. Most of my classes now end at around 6pm so I would have to stay back in campus to study / complete my work (while avoiding the jam too) until 7pm, sometimes later. So by the time I reach home, it would usually be 8 already. Then, I would always lay down on my bed for a while, hoping my weariness would wear away (pun intended :p). That's the moment I don't feel like doing anything at all. Sometimes I just wish I could go to bed without having to shower hahaha but I would probably smell disgusting. Lifting my lethargic body and exhausted mind off the bed, I would then go to shower reluctantly. But each and every time after a hot shower, I feel much more alive and refreshed. There's nothing like taking a hot shower after a long day, really. 

Anyway, today I'm going to show y'all my first stop motion production ever hehehe! It's actually a group project for the Innovative Media subject. We were given 2 hours to complete everything, from filming to editing. We can do whatever we want, as long as the video is made up of more than 100 images. 

So my group mates and I decided to do something related to fashion. I've always wanted to do a fashion-related stop motion video for my Youtube channel, so I thought this would be such a good opportunity for me to learn and mess around.!

We took 1 hour to film everything. (For those who are interested to know how we did it, we filmed it with a DSLR set to "continual shooting"mode) We didn't really spend a lot of time on editing, because the transitions between the outfits were already natural enough hehe!! After all the sweat and hard work, our video was finally done and surprisingly, it's not even 30-second long lolol.

It was so fun to learn how to produce a stop motion video through a hands-on experience like this one!! Do let me know what you think of our production haha! :p

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