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Period, period.

Yup, you're right. Today, I'm blogging about something related to every girl's nightmare. 

Um, for the guys, if you don't feel comfortable reading this you can just exit right now because this post has nothing to do with guys actually haahaha! (but it might be informative for you!)

So girls, this will be an intimate conversation between you and me, okay??? *winks* 

Alright so where shall I start? Maybe I'll start by sharing some of my experiences. 

I consider myself as a lucky girl, because I don't regularly suffer from menstrual cramp.
* okay touch wood*

I remember having a terrible menstrual cramp before, just once. It was so terrible that I couldn't do anything at all. The pain lingered no matter what I did, even just staying in bed without moving. That was the worst kind of pain I have ever endured, and I have no pill or medicine which could help with the pain. At that moment, I just wanted to hack my abdomen with a hammer or whatever...it was such a painfully unforgettable ordeal. :( 

Though I do not suffer from menstrual cramps anymore (hopefully they won't come back for a revisit wtf please please please), I usually suffer from headaches during my period. Oh, not to mention the pimples. Dang it! Why can't this period thing just go on smoothly without inflicting any pain? 

Besides, does anyone of you hate the feeling of wearing a sanitary pad as much as I do?! I don't know, but it just makes me feel uncomfortable and uneasy wearing it, especially the thicker ones. I'll just feel like staying home all day because walking with that bulky thing between my legs can be really irritating.

Luckily, one day an angel fell from the heaven and the angel is Laurier!! They contacted me and asked if I am interested in trying out their products.

So I was like okay...since I'm already unsatisfied with the current brand, why not give some other brands a chance to prove that not all sanitary pads are uncomfortable? 

My feelings for sanitary pads changed ever since I tried the Laurier Super Slimguard. 

How does this product set itself apart from the rest?

For those who hate wearing thick pads, the Laurier Super Slimguard is made for you, because it's only 1mm thin!! With Laurier Super Slimguard, you can move in any way you want without feeling uneasy. *move it, move it* 

Worrying about wearing body-fitting dresses during your period because of the unsightly pad-line? No problem! Laurier Super Slimguard gives you all the confidence to wear whichever kind of dresses you want, all thanks to its 1mm thinness. Besides, it has a Quick Dry Mesh Surface that has 2x faster absorption, leaving you feeling 5x drier!! 

Check out their advertisement! It just speaks out my reluctance of hitting the gym or going for any outdoor activity during my menstrual days. But with Laurier Super Slimguard, I'm always ready to go hit the gym whenever I want to! ;) 


The Laurier Super Slimguard is available in Non-wing: 17cm, Wing: 22.5cm, 25cm, 30cm & 35cm. 


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