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Updated Skin Care Routine 2015

Hello there!! Today I'm going to blog about a new range of skin care products that I have been using for more than a month or so. 

Not sure if you guys can remember, but I have mentioned about how much I love Clinique products a lot of times in my blog and also in my videos. My cleanser, toner and moisturizer were all from Clinique. I'm STILL using them now, but not as often as I did last time. 

The reason why is because I have got myself a new range of skin care products from Origins

Some of you might wonder: "hmm...why are you changing your skin care products since you say Clinique ones are good?" 

Ok. So I'm not gonna lie, but the generous team from Origins has sent me a few of their skin care products to try last month. BUT. I'm NOT PAID to do this review, which also means I'm not obliged to write this for them. I even told them that I will only write a review of their products ONLY IF I like them, and they are totally fine with my idea.

And it happened that...


And I just wanted to share with you about them, genuinely. 

I noticed that my skin condition is getting better and better. Lesser breakouts. Smoother. More hydrated. Also, I found myself applying lesser and lesser foundation / bb / cc cream ever since I've used the skin care products from Origins. Sometimes when I'm in a rush, I will just apply my skin care products and head out without any foundation! This is no joke! 

So right now I'm gonna blog about the products I've been loving since I got my hands on them!!! 

The three MUST-HAVES in my skin care routine

Rejuvenating treatment lotion a.k.a toner

THIS. IS. SO. DAMN. GOOD. (This product works best for people with combination and dry skin types!)

You can either apply it with a cotton pad or just using your fingers.

*wipe wipe*

See!!! My skin instantly looks so radiant and soft right after applying the lotion! I always apply this right after washing my face.

Right after toner, it's time to moisturise your skin. Here, I'm using the Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment.

The texture is not as thick as the cream type of moisturiser, which I really love!! 

Just a little dab does the job! 


LOVE!!!!! Light and smooth, this moisturiser gets absorbed easily into my skin, leaving my skin feeling fresh, soft and DEWY. Besides, I just can't express how much I love the HEALTHY AND NATURAL GLOW this moisturiser renders. I swear there's no makeup on my entire face, besides the toner and moisturiser!

Need an extra boost of moisture? Try this Rejuvenating Serum!!

Serum gives an intense hydration to your skin, so just a small amount will do! There's nothing I particularly like about this product, but I apply it to lock in the moisture more effectively.

The Dr.Andrew Weil for Origins MEGA BRIGHT Eye Illuminating Cream. 

Eye-cream is so important, ladies. Very often, we tend to forget about our eye area and just focus on our face. It's time to show some love to your beautiful eyes ok!!! They have worked for us for all year long so please don't take them for granted....or else you will regret when you get older hehe. 

I've had terrible dark circles but I can notice the difference after using this eye cream!!! Nope, it did not make my dark circles vanish in just a day, but it has certainly helped to reduce them and I'm so happy with the results!!!!


Okie just filled in my brows and applied some lipstick, and I'm good to go!!

This review is written based on my personal experience and my honest opinions. I'm so glad that the products mentioned above work really well for my skin type. I hope they work well for you too, if you have combination skin like me!!

For more products information, kindly visit Origins website or just head over to their stores for consultation!!

Thanks for reading and I'll see y'all again soon! ♥ 


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