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My top 5 favourite attractions in Tokyo | #JESSICAINTOKYO

Hello everyone!!!!!! I'm finally back from Tokyo!! 

Oh gosh, I miss blogging so much. The first thing that popped into my mind once I reached home is to UPDATE MY BLOG! I have even planned on what to write when I was still on the plane. So here I am, presenting you the first post about my Tokyo trip! 

For those who didn't know, Japan is one of my "dream countries". In fact, it's ranked #1 in my list of dream countries. Since my trip to Nagoya last October, the urge to visit Japan again always lingered. And finally, I made it to Tokyo this time! 

Unlike people who book their flight tickets and do the plannings months before their trip, I'm the kind who likes to do all these spontaneously. Not that I am the last-minute kind of person, but I just feel this way when it comes to traveling. I booked my flight tickets only about 3 weeks before my trip, and I did not even have an itinerary (I did look up on some information about some renowned tourist attractions in Tokyo, but that's about "my planning" done for the trip.) I spent a week (a really hectic one) meeting assignment deadlines before the trip, so I had no time to do more planning anyway.

Despite the lack of planing, I managed to cover quite a lot of tourist destinations in Tokyo with mum, all thanks to my friend Melanie and her family. They took us nearly everywhere throughout our entire trip!!! 

So today, I'm going to share with you my top 5 favourite attractions in Tokyo. (I enjoyed most of the places that I've been to in Tokyo, but here are the top 5 places that impressed me the most.) Here, I won't be exposing much yet; but I will soon go into the juicy details of all 5 of them in the upcoming blog posts! 

Though I may seem like a person who only enjoys shopping, little did you know - I actually enjoy visiting ancient religious sites and lush gardens too. Meiji Shrine is one of my personal favourites. The entire setting emanates a quaint kind of peace and serenity that I can never find in any other places that I've been to, and it really makes you feel... well I'll explain more in my upcoming post! :p

Harajuku is internationally renowned as the fashion and entertainment district for youngsters and fashion lovers. There are way too many shops in Harajuku and there's no way you can explore all of them in a day or two. I made 3 visits to Harajuku I wasn't even feeling the slightest tinge of boredom! Not only can you shop for tons of beautiful clothes and shoes in this haven of trends and fashion, you get to enjoy A LOT of interesting local food too!! 

Tokyo Disneysea, the place where all your magical childhood adventures set sail. The weather was perfect on the day we went to Disneysea, and we seized the golden chance of taking a ton of photos! I really can't wait to share them with y'all soon!! 

4. SHIBUYA 109 

 Shibuya 109 features 10 floors of fashion boutiques and restaurants. Most of the brands you can find in this shopping mall are the local brands you must have heard before: such as Emoda, Moussy, Majestic Legon, Baby Shoop, GYDA, etc. 


 "Another park? Again?" Yes!! Ueno Park is a place you'd never want to miss in Tokyo. Sitting in the quiet Ueno District of Taito Ward, this vast public garden has always been a popular destination during the cherry blossom season - it's really not hard to see why. The trees are just so breathtaking to look at. Standing tall in neat rows, it is as if they are all lined up to usher you into a dimension of inner tranquility you thought you always needed. If you have some time to spare during your visit to Tokyo, do come here for a ramble to have some personal time with your soul (and the beautiful trees haha)!

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