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Weekly Outfit Inspirations | JESSICA PICKS #5

While you are reading this blog post, I am probably doing some shopping / enjoying my bowl of authentic Japan ramen in Tokyo already hahaha. [Check out my Instagram for daily updates about my Tokyo trip!!!] 

I drafted this post two days ago, which was Friday. Keeping my promise, I never forget to post my weekly outfit inspirations on my blog. What motivated me to continue with this segment is because all of you. Yes, all of you who have left me a comment /  sent me an email, telling me how much you enjoy reading all the posts from this segment. I feel so happy to receive all the positive feedbacks, really. Y'all are the best honey bunnies in the world. *sending virtual hugs and kisses* 

I hope y'all enjoy the styles for this week: 


 An oversized sweater / tee can totally come to your rescue during your logy days because you don't have to worry about how to mix and match. Just put your oversized sweater / tee on with a pair of boots / sneakers, and you're good to go!! 

For those who want to give a shot in incorporating a sporty vibe into your ensemble, joggers and varsity jackets are undoubtedly some great options to haul you onto the sporty chic hype-train. Sporty outfits like this doesn't only make you feel comfortable going out and about with them, but also keeps you looking really cool at the same time! ;) 
In a mood for beanie and ripped jeans? This outfit might be just perfect for that little badass in you.   

How about putting on an universally flattering skater skirt for a fancy Thursday? ;) 



Nobody ever gets bored of black and white outfits. Am I right? ;) 

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