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Weekly School Outfit Inspirations | Jessica Picks #3

We have come to the third episode of "Jessica Picks"!! Are you loving it so far?

For me, I look forward to blogging about this every week and I totally enjoy doing this!! I have always had a fun time searching for pictures of beautiful outfits for y'all. At the same time, I benefit from doing so as well, because I get inspirations from them too!! Simply put, I find blogging about this really interesting, fun and useful. I've received emails from some of you who said that you really like this segment in my blog. To be honest, I was on cloud nine when I read them. I'm glad that some of you really find this section helpful!!!

 If it benefits some of you out there, and me too, what's can be reason for me to stop it? Hehehehe.

Okay, shall we begin? 

I'm totally in love with these outfits worn by Taeyeon!! Many people thought that it's a fashion no-no to wear skirts with sneakers and jackets. My question to them is, WHY NOT?? Just wear whatever you want, as long as it makes you feel comfortable and confident! 

I do find the outfit on the left really cute, yet sassy at the same time. As for the outfit on the right, it's yet another typical full-white coordinate, but I just won't get bored of it!!! Full-white coordinates never fail to attract me with their quaintly emanated charm. 
Alright sisters, we're going back to the basics. It's time to dig out all your basic tees and shorts! Put them on and finish off with a pair of sneakers which goes with your mood that day. Simple, and comfortable! ;) 

As much as I love black and white outfits, I do find the urge to wear clothes in neon colour sometimes. For me, I like to experiment with different styles and incorporate different colour schemes in my wardrobe. 

Anyway, I think the outfit above is really adorable!! 
Here are some tips for buying sweaters to wear in Malaysia: do not choose the ones with thick materials. Look out for materials like the one shown in the picture above, so that you won't get super sweaty in it, even on a hot day! 

Am I the only one who thinks that her legs are to die for!?! 
Anyway, I think this outfit is just perfect for school!! 
Tip: You can replace the hoodie with a flannel, wear it if it's cold; tie it around your waist if the weather gets hotter. ;) 


Skater skirts for life ♥♥♥
For the first outfit, it effortlessly paints on a solid layer of elegance and demureness on you. 
For the second and third outfit: ADORABLE is the only word that comes to mind upon sight. :P 



  1. Second last and last oneeeee! Never get bored with high waist pants/skirt ❤️ Totally love your fashion-inspirational post Jessica!