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I've been blogging since I was 14 and it's been a worthwhile journey, I would say. Blogging with Nuffnang has certainly opened up many doors for me - many of which are unexpected. Without Nuffnang, I would have missed out on a lot of opportunities I wouldn't be able to seize elsewhere. I'm perpetually thankful for the team - their effort, love and care. 

By the way, this is not an ad for Nuffnang lol. I'm not paid to write this ok hahaha. 

Anyway, all thanks to Nuffnang, I had the pleasure to work with Sunsilk for a big project last month.  (not sure if it's big for them, but it surely is for me, heh!) I was invited to become one of the main casts for their latest TVC, a.k.a the Biggest Selfie Movie. 

And it is utterly unbelievable. 

To be frank, I've never thought that I stood a chance to appear in any TVC in my life. I don't think I have the "ideal" facial features that advertising companies would be interested in lolol. But Sunsilk, one of the world's leading haircare company, chose me. What are the odds?! Am I extremely lucky or what?! Growing up, I've watched many of their TVCs before. All the talents appeared on their TVCs are super pretty lo!! And me...I'm like super ordinary lol.

Which explains why I am very grateful for this opportunity. Really.

I kept it a secret all this while because I was not allowed to blog or tweet about anything regarding the shoot before the TVC is aired. Since it is officially released a while ago, I can finally blog about my experience and show y'all some photos behind the scene!!! :p 

Pretty satisfied with the makeup they did for me!!!

The first scene was shot in front of a cafe! What I needed to do in this scene was to take a selfie, which is holding the camera with one hand as if I'm recording a vlog hahaha! This is so fun x)

It felt so surreal to be surrounded by a professional crew, with all their eyes trained on me. I was like WOW, THIS SH*T IS REAL MAN. HAHAHA.

Meet my on-screen bffs - Ashley and Sabrina!!

Then the crew and I headed to a rooftop swimming pool, where we would be shooting the second scene!!

Hahaha to be honest, I was quite nervous la, because there were so many people surrounding and watching me act lolol (while I'm already not so good at it ><)


Unfortunately, it started raining after a while... And we were forced to pause our shooting until the rain stopped :/

Third scene was shot in Taman Permaisuri! For this scene, I was required to POSE with my bicycle and take a selfie HAHAH! We came all the way from PJ to Cheras just to shoot for this particular scene!! Then, we headed back to PJ again for the following scene. Imagine how hectic it was for the entire crew! D:

Shooting in the car yo.


Last scene!!! 

Final part - voiceover. 

So the entire process took us literally a day, from 8am-8pm!!! 

I would be lying if I say it was not tiring. It really was, but I had so much fun during the shoot!! The crew took care of me very well. They were so friendly that I totally didn't feel like I was working under pressure! Also, thank you Samantha, my manager who stayed with me throughout the long day just to accompany me, and all the precious behind-the-scene photos. Big thanks to every single one involved!!!! 大家辛苦了!!! 

The Sunsilk Biggest Selfie Movie features selfies submitted by more than 500 participants - all within 3 minutes! How cool is that!!

As for as I know, besides Youtube, this TVC will be screened in cinema too!! If you happened to see this TVC in the cinema, please don't be surprised - that girl in pink blazer is me LOLOLOL. :P

Once again, endless thanks to Nuffnang and Sunsilk for the opportunity!!! 

I know, to some of you, this might be insignificant or even meaningless.
But to me, it signifies a breakthrough I can't be anymore grateful for. 
Thank you too, for being here to witness a piece of my happiness.

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