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I wouldn't call myself an avid kpop fan, because I don't really know a lot of kpop groups / celebrities. And most often I don't really bother to keep myself up-to-date with their news / whereabouts. 

However, Big Bang is an exceptional case for me. 

I considered myself as a latecomer compared to other VIPs who started liking Big Bang ever since their first debut. I didn't know who Big Bang was at all, until when I turned 17. It's pretty late, I know. They were already big when I realised their existence. I was in high school when my friends played "Fantastic Baby" in the classroom. I liked the the song, and my interest in their style sprouted. When I got home, and I started searching for more of their songs. Soon, I knew I was already addicted to them. Their songs just make me feel alive and energetic.

I never knew I would fall for Korean songs, really. 

I used to be like "I don't understand why people like kpop. It's like they might not understand the lyrics at all but they just love it???"

After descending unto my world, Big Bang made me understand why people are crazy over kpop. I finally realised that you actually don't really have to understand the lyrics in order to fall in love with them. You love them, or you will love them. They get you hooked on with their music. It's their charisma. As simple as that. 

There's just something about Big Bang's songs - each and every one of them. To date, there are so many kpop groups out there, but why Big Bang? I can't put exactly why in abc's, but Big Bang is the only Korean group that I ever cared about for the past 3 years.

3 years ago, Big Bang came to Malaysia for their "ALIVE" world tour. 
Sadly, I couldn't make it to their concert, and I was really sad about it. 

3 years later, i.e. this year, I knew they would be back. 
I knew. 

But I just wasn't bothered about buying their concert tickets. Not because I don't fancy them anymore. I just couldn't bring myself to actually pay for their tickets...

...until 1 week before the actual date of the concert.

I was desperately looking high and low for a wild miracle, because it was only when the days draw closer to the concert that I knew deep within me, that I would totally regret for making a pass. But it's hard. It's hard to scout for their concert tickets at this point. Nearly every single ticket was sold out. Rockzone tickets were still available, but to be honest, I think the price was a lil' too expensive for me. I always preferred numbered seats for concerts anyway.

I missed the first concert on the 24th of July. I thought to myself: Well, I shall just stay at home and watch their MVs instead. But deep down in my heart, I can't erase the inner thirst to witness Big Bang performing live

On the 25th of July (the second and very last day of the MADE tour in KL), 
I tried all I could think of to look for people who are willing to let go of their tickets online. But I figured that the chances aren't quite promising, because there were probably many who were trying to do the same as I.

If you are following my Twitter, you would probably have seen my emo tweets. My early self really wanted to slap the shit out of my later self for not buying their tickets earlier. 

I felt super hopeless because I couldn't find anyone who was selling off their tickets.

My friends told me that it's okay. Big Bang will be back soon. 

I kind of accepted the fact that I was never going to see them this year, so I went to take a nap. I just wanted to hibernate until the next daylight lolol.

I woke up from my nap at 5.20pm. 

I reached my phone and just when I thought I could never get to see Big Bang live, I was notified of 3 messages regarding Big Bang's concert tickets. The messages came in at 4.30pm, when I was still mourning for my loss in dreamland. Without hesitating, I replied as quickly as my fingers could work. However, 2 of them said that they have already sold the tickets.

But there was still this one last hope.
The last potential miracle replied, saying that she still had 3 tickets with her!!!


With my heart pounding hard and fast, I quickly texted my friends to ask if they wanted to go with me. At that instant, it was already 5.45pm. (The concert was supposed to start at 6pm)

It took us pretty long to make the decision of going, because they were afraid that we would be super late for the concert. But I didn't want to give up this one last chance. FINALLY, AT 6PM, JOANNE AND I DECIDED TO GO. Coey couldn't make it, so I dragged my mum along too. I dashed into the first shirt I saw in my wardrobe, dabbed a bit of concealer on my face, and sped off to the stadium in lightning speed, times a hundred.


I have never ever done anything this last-minute in my entire life wtf. But it felt so thrilling because damn, I was going to see Big Bang man!!! 

THANKFULLY, our journey to the stadium was blessed with very light traffic. Mummy and I reached within 15 minutes, and I literally ran to meet the seller to collect my tickets. 

We waited for Joanne to come all the way from Damansara. I squeaked and gave her a big hug once I saw her, because damn, we were wearing the same shirt without any prior consensus. And I couldn't be anymore grateful that she actually agreed to watch this concert with me although she isn't really a big fan of Big Bang. Actually, my mum wore the same shirt with me too HAHAHAHA I really never realised it until we reached the stadium. We were in such a hurry that we didn't really care about what to wear at all.

Sad news: 
We were actually 10mins late, and we missed the beginning of the concert. 

I literally screamed when I stepped into the hall. They were performing "Loser"!
It felt so surreal that I was, FINALLY, SEEING BIG BANG LIVE!!! 

It was my first time attending their concert. I have to say that I was u-t-t-e-r-l-y amazed. 


The view from my seat was not too bad.

We totally enjoyed ourselves throughout the concert. It was far beyond amazing. Each of the songs kept us moving and grooving. Their live performance was so much better than my expectation, and it was the best testament that Big Bang is so much more than their looks.

It was a tremendously good show. :')

Daesung and Seungri were damn humorous and friendly. Seungri kept mentioning that he loves Malaysia and he didn't want to leave.
T.O.P was unacceptably charming and handsome, and I love how he kept showing the a "love" sign by pinching his index finger with the thumb. Oh and his wink literally melted me right in my seat. (I kind of think my seat melted too)
GD being GD, GD just GD-ed. It's hard to find a candidate cool enough to match his standards. 
Taeyang was simply impeccable in singing, I almost teared when he sang "Eyes Nose Lips". Guys, is that song cursed or what?

The concert was pretty short, which was really unfortunate. It ended in 2 hours. How I wish they can perform more songs! :( 

I'm so glad that I MADE it. 
*unapologetic-ally, pun is indeed intended*

I paid for my own ticket and my mum's, and it costed me a fortune, but it was totally-worth-it.
And this is probably the best birthday gift for myself this year. x 

Big Bang, you guys are simply fantastic. 

To all the VIPs who have been to their concert, I hope y'all enjoyed it too!!!

Follow my Instagram @JessicaChaw to see snippets of the concert! (I took quite a few hehe)

Btw, here's a video combining the snippets of the songs they performed!! 

I apologize for the poor quality and the incompleteness of the video lolol. But I just wanna share how good their songs are to you! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :) 


  1. Sounds like you had a blast! I'm looking forward to A Pink at MTV World Stage. Watching artists performing live is really an experience.

    1. Yes, I did have a blast!! Have fun in MTV World Stage!!

  2. so many ppl i know went... nvm la u paid a fortune as long as u enjoy it (although some of my friends said they a bit lazy during the concert :P)

    1. Hahahha I guess it's their style? :P Nonetheless, I really enjoyed it!!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    The video is awesome!! Looks like you have a lot of fun and the scream I can heard is the exciteness of enjoying the concert. My friend say TOP looks super handsome and perfect and was all over crazy over him LOL xD