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I've made a new friend, guys!
Nonono, cue intro first.

Hello bunnies!
The long-awaited semester break is here, and I can finally have some time to do the things I've always wanted to do! :P

Spoiler: I have something good for you, so be sure to stay with me until the end! ;)

Catching up the videos from my favourite Youtubers...


Reading updates from my favourite bloggers...

Scrolling my Instagram feed...

Go to Pinterest for room decor inspirations...

Reading a novel...

And online-shopping!!


Seriously, online shopping can be super addictive!!! You know how my grandma always tells me: Girl, don't go out too often because once you go out, your money will fly away.

Now I can tell my grandma, 
Granny, my money will fly away now even when I'm staying at home...

Isn't it true? Many of us now are into online-shopping because of a few perks

For example, I don't even have to put on makeup when I'm doing online-shopping at home.
Heck I can even be in my pyjamas.

I don't have to waste my time on hunting down vacancies in the parking lot of the mall.
All I have to do is pick up my phone/turning on my Macbook.

I don't even have to queue up in front of the cashier to pay.
Within a few clicks and I've already checked out.

I don't have to drive all the way and pay more to afford the goods sold at the mall...
while they are available and cheaper online.

And the best part is, I can even buy things that are only available outside Malaysia!!

If it hasn't occurred to you...
Allow me to introduce my new friend, GEMFIVE!! 

Well if you are observant enough you would have probably known what GEMFIVE actually is.
Hint: look closely at the photos!

For those of you who are lazy to scroll up:
GEMFIVE is an online shopping destination where you can discover new brands, find the things you love and look out for the latest must-haves.
  GEMFIVE is a website you don't wanna miss.

Ranging from fashion, electronics, beauty & health, home & living to even mum & kids, get yourself prepared for a deep dive into an ocean of over 20,000 items (of over 300 brands!) in the hunt for virtually any treasure that comes to mind. In here, be ready to discover great finds with every click - literally. Some of my favourite brands such as Laura Mercier, Artisari by Shaheizy Sam, Tony Moly, L’Occitane, Antipodes and Caudalie can be found here - so are many, many more!!!

I'm so surprised that they've also brought in new and exclusive brands that are not readily available in Malaysia! Some examples are Sakun and Beyond Closet from Korea, Ortenhill from Singapore, Pomelo from Thailand, etc. 

Who would defy Laura Mercier cosmetics? 

Would really love to give a try on Tony Moly's products!! Any recommendations? 

Omg 20% off Crabtree & Evelyn products!! Omg I'm holding onto my purse now...

There are more attractive deals on GEMdeals, where you will find special offers on selected brands. So don't forget to come by and check this page often! 

As for now, I have something to get you started with!

*throws both hands in the air*

This time around, I'm giving away
RM20 GEMCash Vouchers to 5 lucky winners!

Here's how to win:

1. Comment under this blogpost and tell me about an item that you want from GEMFIVE.

2. Include your name and your email address within the same comment.
and that is all!

Entry submission deadline: 10 August 2015
Winners will be chosen at random, so look out for my email to you! :p
Happy shopping bunnies, have a nice day!


  1. Hi Jess! Can I say that I want everything in GEMFIVE? Haha alright let's be serious. I want a Sony camera from GEMFIVE because I've been eye-ing for a new Mirrorless for myself for years already! Hope to win the voucher so that I can shop for it at a cheaper price! Thanks Jess, have a nice day! :)

    Nicole Yie



    I want it, I need it.

    It's so damn adorable and smells so damn nice that I simply cannot resist.

    I hope I win one of the vouchers so I can buy it at a much more cheaper price.

    Thank you and I hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful day each and every day !

    Tan Jin Chien


  3. Hello Jessica!

    I would like to get myself a TonyMoly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack because it has anti-aging elements in it so I want to get it for my mum as a gift. But as a student with tight budget, it will be awesome if I get the cash voucher from you!

    Mandy Law

  4. I thought you are promoting the Macbook Air :D :D hehe

  5. Hello Jessica, Good day to you! :)

    I wish to get myself TonyMoly My Sunny Powdery Finish Sun Milk!
    It is because i'm always looking for sun screen product protecting from UV light :D
    I'm not a make up person, so i'll just put on sunblock and go out all day! I would like to try out TonyMoly, this brand! :)

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  6. Hi,

    I would like to purchase the clutch collection under Indian Ocean by shailly.

    They are amazing piece of artwork and brilliantly created into the form of a clutch!

    Out of curiosity on this brand, I searched online about it and was totally amazed by the fact that it is brand created by a lady who loves painting and explored this venture on her own.

    Being an avid painter, i have always played with the idea of putting my artwork for sale but unfortunately did not work on it. But she did it and proved that it is workable. Her work are all too pretty to pass on. But my favourite would still be the colours of the ocean! I would totally loveeeeeeeeeeeee to have it. It is almost like having my painter dream half fulfilled.

    Thank you gemfive for picking up this unique brand and help promote the beautiful effort of shailly. And thank you Jessica for bringing it to my knowledge too! :)

    Name: shelly
    Email : shelly.jingle@gmail.com

  7. hey there, just wanna ask if the item in GEMFIVE authentic? I asked GEMFIVE and they claim it's authentic, but i'm not too sure about that. Have you purchase anything from GEMFIVE? and how was the quality? Thanks!