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Just in case you haven't already known, my semester break has officially started!!! YAY!!

I've been waiting for this much-needed break since forever so I can't be any happier the moment when I finished my last paper, which was Marketing. Recalling back the weeks spent on revising, writing stacks and stacks of notes so that they get drummed into my head...well, let's just say that I was really sick of carrying out the same routine every day just to get myself prepared for finals.

Now that finals are over, I feel like I've been resurrected, for real. 
I feel as if I've regained my invisible wings and that I can fly away from the prison. HAHA. 

Since I'm having a holiday now, I can finally do the things I've always wanted to do, which is to produce more contents for y'all on my blog and my YouTube channel. (Show some support by subscribing to my channel if you haven't already hehehehehe)

And the exact reason why I'm here today is to share my new video with all of you!!

It'd been a while since I last created a lookbook video. Special thanks to Joanne for filming it for me, because this video wouldn't be complete without her!!

The lookbook is all about summer outfits. Well, I know it's summer in Malaysia all year long, but let's just pretend that we have 4 seasons here ok hahahahahah. I'm not sure about you, but for me, summer undoubtedly calls for cropped tops, sleeveless dresses and shorts in bright and vivid colours! Hence, in my lookbook, I'll be showing you some of my ways in making summer more cheerful, fun yet comfortable - all at the same time!!

Look 1 
Hehe, told you that I'm obsessed with wearing this A-line denim skirt from Bershka lately!! I love how versatile it is!!

Look 2 
Absolutely love this romper in the pretty hues of all my favourite colours - pink, blue, purple and white!! 

Look 3 
My favourite look among all!! The dress is so pretty, especially the boho embroidery along the chest line and the hem of the dress! Just put on a pair of flats (or gladiator sandals for a more boho look), and you are good to go!

Look 4 
I feel like I'm blending in the lush greenery very well with this floral dress from Ellysage HAHA.

Look 5 
Another boho-inspired look, featuring the pretty white embroidered dress from Anticlockwise.

Look 6 
This look is such a contrast to the previous 5 looks, which are more feminine. Despite the lack of vivid colours, I think that this look is still great for the summer!

Look 7 
Love this top because it features a lovely crotchet triangular cut, which is really unique. Absolutely a must-have for the summer!

All the outfit details can be found in the description box under my video! 

Alright, so that's about it!!! I hope y'all enjoy watching the video! Feel free to leave any comments to me to tell me what kind of videos you want to watch from me, and I'll try my best to make them for you hehe. Till next time! 


  1. boho inspired outfits ftw! ;D

    everything magical

  2. First time see u in Boho outfit!! You look so cute in the outfit hehe <3 should try more!!

  3. First time see u in Boho outfit!! You look so cute in the outfit hehe <3 should try more!!

  4. the outfit were all perfectly match and you look beautiful in all. Good video do it more often .:)

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