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I just had the most fruitful week in my life lolol.

This week's schedule was filled with a ton of events, outings and meetings. I basically had to get out of bed early every morning just to get myself ready. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all! In fact, I'm a person who actually enjoys packed, exciting schedules instead of slouching at home, surfing in the joy or doing nothing every day. I love the fact that I can wake up every day having something to look forward to. I feel great when my weekly schedules gets filled with plans. It feels as if my days aren't actually wasted.

I paid Han (my hairstylist) a visit in Centro Hair Salon because I needed to get my hair dyed. 

So this is how my hair looks like now! If you pay close attention, it's a three-tone-brown-ombre with a slight tinge of pink! Yes, it requires bleaching to achieve this colour. After colouring, Han also fed my hair with a nourishing hair treatment, which makes my hair appear shinier and smoother. The products that he used are from Kérastase and I even bought the range of products home! I am really loving them so far and I guess I will blog more about them next time!! :)

#ootd. Mesh top from HuiiCloset // Inner cropped top from Forever 21 // Shorts from Forever 21 // Sneakers from TOPSHOP X Adidas Originals // Bag from Balenciaga


After getting my hair done, I headed to Bangsar for dinner with Natalie and Cassy. We had Japanese cuisine in Senjyu, which wasn't particularly impressive, so I won't blog about it here. Nonetheless, we had a great time chatting with each other, and I couldn't believe we are actually friends from PRIMARY SCHOOL until now!! I know I have repeated my "thank you speech" for so many times in my blog but I just had to thank these lovely girls again for the birthday treat and gift!! Thank you so much girls, and I really look forward to enjoying many more years of friendships with you two! 

Attended Clinique's event in Mid Valley with Jxhia (thank you for tagging me along to this event!). Clinique has been one of my favourite brands for as long as I can remember, so it's such an honour to be able to attend the launch of their new campaign,  Face Forward. This campaign is truly inspiring because it encourages women to dream big, find our voice, and put it out there confidently. Clinique believes that great skin can be created, and as a Clinique user for many years, I can't be anymore convinced. For those who have yet to commit to a skincare regime, I strongly recommend you to try out the Clinique's classic (and most basic) 3-Step Skincare System. Don't worry if you aren't sure what type of cleanser/moisturiser that you should use, because the friendly team from Clinique will guide you all the way! Just don't be afraid to ask! :p

With the bubbly Jxhia! Not forgetting to mention, I really loved the entire set-up for the event because...well, just look at the props and backdrop!!!

It's kinda hard to not adore this girl - she's straightforward without hurting anyone, unpretentiously totally-herself and utterly gorgeous. We actually just met recently, but we got close to each other pretty quickly: all thanks to the abundance of common topics between us haha!

Tuesday's getup - Striped top from TOPSHOP // Dungaree from Ellysage // Sandals from Anticlockwise // Watch from Daniel Wellington 

On Wednesday, I had another belated birthday celebration in Acme Bar & Coffee with Melanie and Melissa (my uni buddies). Melanie ordered her usual favourite salmon fillet, while I ordered a beef pie and Melissa got herself a Mac n Cheese. Mmmmmm, such sinful indulgences HAHAHA!

Uni-life is so, so much more fun with them around!!

Wednesday's ensemble - Blouse from TOPSHOP // Skirt from TOPSHOP // Shoes from China // Bracelet and bag from Balenciaga 

After lunch, I headed to Pavilion for KLFW to support my blogger + designer friend, Kittie Yiyi. Her collection is so dreamy, adorable and chic! Managed to catch other shows too, and I kinda fancy Justin Chew's designs! Thank you Kittie for the invitation, it's totally my honour!

Went to Merchant's Lane for brunch with my friend, Sky. This place seems to be the "hit" place now for brunch! But to be honest, this place is extremely hard to locate because the storefront is small and you'll never imagine that there's... I mean, just take a look.


The staircase is like a bridge to another dimension. It's like as you opened that humble little door you won't even expect this flight of steps would be possible in such a place. I honestly feel that the door could have done this place a little more justice. Oh well maybe the mystery is the owner's intent. I guess I'll never know for sure haha!

Yeah the paintings are cool but I really don't get the incense coils hanging above...
This is the outdoor section, by the way. Yeap they actually have both indoor and outdoor! More people prefer being seated outdoor though, perhaps for the taste of revisiting an ancient era.

A suspended rattan chair. Now this is what I can feel more of (not the incense coils ugh)

Sky's Itadakimas Pancake!
Warning: Portion is larger than you think. Within the pancake, this dish is loaded with uncooked-instant-noodle crumbs (like MAMEE, etc) and several other spices which is special enough for itself to emerge as the new kind of pancake. Well maybe there have already been such pancakes for a long time and I hadn't tried them before, but tasting this one was definitely a new experience to me.

South China Sea - Salmon fillet with poached egg.
The salmon tasted really fresh, and I really enjoyed it. However, the dish can really use an extra pinch of salt. While already not a big fan of poached eggs, having served a bland one just deducted the brownie points that I would credit for this dish. The salmon was fresh and awesome enough to save the day though.


Rose Honey Milk
Never tried any drink with rose petals scattered on it, but my tastebuds are caught by surprise. This feels really good down the throat. If you happen to plan to swing by the Merchant's Lane and you don't know which drink to order, go for this one! (ohya feel free to eat the petals too HAHA)

Sky's Jasmine Black.
What the heck right? Yeah I've never heard of such a coffee either hahaha!!

Woke up in the morning, headed down to Mid Valley to meet Clinique's PR manager for a brunch with Jxhia! We shared quite some skincare tips and hints, and I really enjoyed spending time with the two lovely ladies. There's just so much we can talk about! It also makes me extremely happy that yet another morning didn't go wasted with my lazy bum staying static on my bed.

And that's it, there goes a brief summary of my week!
How has your week been so far?I
If you are still slouching in your seat for hours (reading this blogpost wtf), maybe it's time to get your butt off the chair and make a move! Go do something fun! Go outdoors! I'm sure you can find interesting things at every turn and corner of your little adventure.

Till the next post, take care and have a nice day! 


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