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How in the hell heavens did we decide
to take the transit that day, in the railway of time:
and sat next to each other for a good 2 years and 364 days?

You see I'm not actually trying to be funny or anything:
I mean,
I can easily point out the few similarities we have,
and those things connect us.
But I can, even more easily, point out two ton of differences we have,
and quite a bit of those things...jeopardise us.
Or maybe not.

We're best bitches friends anyway, so that's okay.

Well on a brighter note we made it to the 3 year milestone nonetheless!!
Are you proud? Yes?
Heck I am!
I mean I am proud of us every single day but
a day like this one reminds me of the people who thought they knew
what would be coming our way
long before time came faithfully
sending its cold packages of truth.
They thought it was merely a puppy love,
They thought we won't last.
They thought they were right.

Screw them.
We're even gonna marry one day, right?
*wink wink*

Okay time for something a little more serious.
I know we didn't make it up to this moment for all the luck we have in this world.
We both know that well.
Well, you know me.
No such thing as luck.
I'm glad we did this together.

Okay I'm so not gonna roll credits like every single letter I've written you

Thank you.
*oh yes I still did it*

To be honest, if you are to ask me
to envision life without this girl

this girl who saves her last conversation for me every single night
*that is, unless her cousin decides to be like "Nope."*

this girl who shamelessly confidently yawns at the camera in the middle of a video call
*without knowing she actually looks ridiculously like a ravenous monster*

this girl who conveniently farts on my lap
*which.....................is actually kinda cute I don't know why don't ask thank you*

this girl who doesn't mind doing silly dance moves to random songs
*while making me feel like joining in every time*

this girl who recommends me to invest in a shitty new Starbucks drink for RM17
*man, fucking RM17 #RIPmoney*

this girl who digs her nose in front of me and can still laugh when spotted
*which is actually really bold and respectable, hats off ladies and gentlemen*

this girl who purrs when she is in the perfect mood
*the mega teabag dispenser more productive than every BOH tea farm on Earth combined*

this girl who doesn't even make a sound for 24 hours straight when she isn't
*and probably didn't breathe too, I'll never know*

this girl who claims my fat thighs are good pillows
*which makes my feel good about being fat for the first time in forever*

this girl who sings along to her favourite songs
*which makes me fall in love with her manly voice every time*

this girl who holds my hand wherever we go
*which softens my manly heart every-single-damn-time*

this girl.
my girl.

... I really can't, you know?
You are already a tumour* I can't easily rid off in my life even if I want to**
*A benign one, for the time being. Not malignant yet. 
** You know this will never happen.
It's just like telling yourself to forget about the idea that the sun will rise from the next morning onwards. Can you ever do that?

I don't know, maybe you can; but I sure as hell can't.
My sun is too warm and lovely.

There really isn't anyone like you.
You who deal with my weird temper.
You who give me the brightest smiles I've ever seen on a sane human.
You who stuck with me through every-single-damn-thing.
You who see through my flesh.

You are special, and I can't be anymore grateful to have you.
One of the luckiest things that has ever happened to me
is that our hearts are tied in defiance of time, and I am eternally grateful.
These years have been amazing.
Thanks for everything.
*oh yes I did it again*

I love you more than a blog post can say.
Happy 3rd Anniversary 

I owe you countless of shitty Starbucks drinks for the rest of our lives 

15th August, 2015
2301 Hours