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I love online shopping. (Okay who doesn't?) 

Online shopping has definitely made my life so much easier; I can pretty much get anything I want online and have them delivered to my doorstep in just a few clicks. Come to think of it, I actually buy almost everything online: from hair products to contact lenses, clothes, accessories, shoes and even gadgets!

Despite its overwhelming convenience, I can't deny the fact that I did encounter some disappointing and frustrating online shopping experiences as well. Online shopping has its risks, and it's very important for you, as a consumer, to be wise and smart enough to judge whether the online shop is safe and credible to make a purchase from. Based on my experiences, here are a few pro tips that will definitely come in handy the next time you shop online! 

Seller Credibility Checklist: 

1) Look at the seller's feedback ratings 

The more "stars" it has, it's likelier that the shop/seller is more credible. 

If you are shopping in sites like Lazada and Qoo100, make sure to check the seller's feedback ratings first before making any purchases. Feedback ratings is one of the ways which will help you to recognise a good seller. If you find that the ratings are low, well, what it means is self-explanatory. 

If you are shopping in Taobao, it's highly recommended to check out the transactions record (成交纪录)of the shop. If the record shows a high quantity of items sold, you know what it means! In fact, this feature is more reliable to base your judgement on because reviews, in contrary, may always be faked. 

2) Read their return policy 

It's always safer to make online purchases from stores that have good return policies, because you'll never know if the product that arrives at your door is the actual product that you want. Some things you have to look out for are a) whether the store will refund you your money or give you store credit, b) who pays for return shipping and most importantly c) whether they will accept your return at all. 

3) Check out who tagged the store in Instagram 


Happy buyers will always tend to share their purchases on social media platforms, such as Instagram.

4) Look at the type of image being displayed 
Most often than not, I always buy things from websites that demonstrate the images of the actual products. For clothes, I prefer buying from websites that use pictures of their own models wearing the clothes they sell. From that, you can actually see whether a shop means serious business or is yet another despicable con-site.

5) Look at feedbacks from ShopVenture.com 

Recently, I have discovered ShopVenture, an online shopping review site that features user-submitted reviews of online stores and blogshops (both international and local) with the aim of making your every purchase a great one! In ShopVenture, not only can you discover new blogshops, you can also read or even submit your own reviews about the blogshops that you want to compliment/complain.

Looking for new blogshops to start your shopping spree? Head over to their shop directory to discover new blogshops or the worthy ones that you have missed! (p.s. the list is extravagant!)  

As you can see, ShopVenture allows users to rate the shop based on a few factors: Overall Satisfaction, Fit & Quality of the Product, Delivery, Customer Service and also Price. These factors serve as a great guideline to help you to make up your mind whether the online store is worth your money! 

To double the awesomeness, ShopVenture also allows you to share or read reviews on other categories as well other than fashion!

Ever since I have discovered ShopVenture, I find it very easy to discover online hidden gems hehehe! Come join me in ShopVenture and read my reviews on the shops I love to shop from!! :P

Sign up as a member, join the big family, and start sharing!

So those are the tips from my own experiences. Do share with me your pro tips on how to find a reliable online store, I would love to read them! :) 

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