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Hello cuties!! Luxola has sent me a Benefit Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek Kit the other day and I'm so excited to share my personal experience of using it, with you! Oh wait, did you know that Benefit Cosmetics has officially launched in LUXOLA?!? 

Yes. I repeat: You can now purchase Benefit Cosmetics (100% authentic) from Luxola and have them delivered to your doorstep!! I don't know about you, but I am beyond excited because I am obsessed to shopping for cosmetics online! Now that Benefit Cosmetics is already available on Luxola, I can easily stock up my favourite products without having to travel to the physical store to get them. :p 

Okay, back to the Benefit Sugarlicious kit whose glorious presence Luxola bestowed on me.

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and the products are practically everything you need to grant yourself a healthy, glowing skin. So today, I'm going to share with you a simple and quick makeup tutorial featuring the products from the Sugarlicious kit! ♥ 

Comprising of 4 amazing star products from Benefit Cosmetics, you can buy this kit at only RM120 from Luxola

I'm a sucker for things with cute packaging, and Benefit Cosmetics always have the most colourful and creative packaging ever. One of the major reasons that I remain a loyal customer of them all the time. Who doesn't like owning beautiful stuffs?

The kind of nude I will go for. ;) 


This kit includes a Benetint, Highbeam, Sugarbomb blusher and Sugarbomb Ultra Plush lip gloss & a mini brush! 

Wanna know how to give your skin a healthy glow with these products? Keep on reading!!  

After prepping your skin with your daily moisturiser, apply the Benefit Big Easy BB Foundation and blend it with a beauty blender. 

Fill in your brows, conceal your blemishes, and then keep everything in place with the Benefit POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine powder

Yay, done with the base! Let's warm up the pale face with some colours, shall we? 

Now, use the Benetint from the Sugarlicious kit to give your cheeks an attractive flush! 


Brush three strokes on the apple of each cheek and blend quickly with fingertips.

Taadaa!! There you have it, the rosy cheeks with a subtle radiance! 

Benetint is a wonder - do you know that it can be used on the lips as well?!! For a head-turning gradient on the lips, dab Benetint on the centre of your lips and use your fingertips to blend from one corner to the other.

See how different I look before and after applying Benetint on my cheeks and lips!!

If you want to add more flush and glow to your cheeks, fire up the Sugarbomb!  

Not really a bomb itself (ha-ha-I-don't-say), Sugarbomb is a gorgeous cheek palette featuring 4 shimmering shades that can be worn alone or blended together for a peachy-pink radiance with a subtle golden sheen. 

Use the brush given to pick up the blush powder, then gently sweep back and forth across the apple of your cheek. 

LOVE the effect of Sugarbomb on my cheeks!!!! I love the fact that this blusher is not too pinkish (perfect for those who don't prefer pink blushers), but it noticeably renders a luscious golden glow that emanates a warm glow from within my cheeks.

 I'm all about the glow, so I'm going to dab a bit of Highbeam on my nose bridge and the apple of my cheeks.

Highbeam is one of my favourite highlighters. If you could still remember, it's listed as one of my favourite products in 2014

Always wanted to achieve that pouty and kissable lips? Glide the Sugarbomb Ultra Plush over your bare lips or lip tint!

Yesh, the "no makeup" makeup look (hah, hello paradox) is done and I'm now good to go!! 

Staying a minimalist, I don't apply a great mass of makeup daily. If you are like me, these products are basically all you need to kick start your beautiful day! 

In my opinion, the Sugarlicious kit is totally worth the money because the products are really wearable and practical, and a little of them can go a long way. 

Head over to Luxola now and unleash your shopping spree! 
They also carry other famous makeup brands that you won't wanna miss. 

Give yourself a treat. YOU deserve to be beautiful.  

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