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In life, you will come across two main types of people: the angels and the devils.

Well, let's talk about the angels first.

They are...

People who support you on your darkest days. 

People who actually know you and believe in you. 

People who praise you when you are doing well and advise you otherwise.

People who offer you help when you need it.

People who feel genuinely happy for your success. 

People who treat you truthfully and never backstab you.

People who appreciate, care and love you with all their heart.

You know, I do believe that there are angels in this world. 

And you should always be grateful and cherish them, because angels are hard to find in this world. So hard. 

While there are angels, there are also devils. 

No matter how hard you try to avoid them, it's sad but true that we are bound to meet devils some time in our life. 

They are unavoidable. They do exist in your life; they might even be someone who is just beside you. 

These devils try their very best to bring you down. 

They can't stand it when they see you climbing to the top; they just want you to stay and keep them company down in the valley. 

They hate it when you have things that they CAN'T possess. 

Ironically, they hate it too, when you have things that they CAN possess.

So they spend not-so-precious time and effort to come up with wicked ideas to sabotage you. 

They would create and spread rumours about you, gossip about you behind your back and convince others to join in their hating game. (On a side note: Those people who don't know you well, but choose to believe in the rumours, are idiots.)

All they ever wanted is for you be hated, not only by them, but every single idiotic "recruit" they may chance upon. 

You used to care, so much, about what these devils say about you. 

You used to be so bothered about what these devils say about you. 

You used to think that you should explain yourself to them.

But you know what? It's time to stop giving a shit about all that.

These devils aren't worth your time and attention at all. 

They just won't quit. They never quit.
The more you feel affected, the happier they are. So just let them say whatever they want, just let them be.

Bear in mind that what they say about you does not reflect your personality and values as a person.

You wanna know how to deal with these devils?

Do yourself a favour: walk away from them. There's no need to explain yourself or try to please them at all. You don't need these devils in your life. 

You can't control whether or not you will run into such despicable devils, 
but you do have some say in choosing who you want to surround yourself with. 

Get around people with positive minds, people who uplift you, inspire you to become someone better, people who bring out the good in you and ultimately believe in you. 

When you hear rumours about you, just laugh it off and move on. Oh, and be grateful that you weren't born as ignorant as the people who spread the rumours.

Spend more time with those who love you.
They certainly deserve more.


  1. omg omg This post came in just in time, as I today realize the Devils in my office. I really can't stand them and always worry about whether did they talk bad or gossip about me, I wanted to ask them and maybe to clear the awkwardness between them. Today I nearly burst out and wanted to tell them off but I manage to cool down and decide to let thing go. Reading your post makes me feel better as I like your saying about There's no need to explain yourself or try to please them at all. You don't need these devils in your life. Making me feels much better to stand out from them but sometimes is hard as we are working in the same place same table. Hopes as times go by I can stay strong like you ❤

    1. I used to worry so much like what you did too, really. I felt the need to explain myself to them. But I realised it's useless to explain to them because they won't listen and be in my shoes anyway. What you can do is to ignore them and just do your part! Let's stay away from negative people together!