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It's Monday again tomorrow and I'm already thinking what to wear for the entire week ahahaha. Taking a break from doing my assignments, I took some time to compile some of my favourite outfits from Stylenanda and I thought I would share them with you girls! On a side note, I would like to thank every single one of you who support, appreciate and actually look forward to this reading this segment (the weekly outfit inspirations series) on my blog!! But now, I'm thinking whether I should update my blog with this segment every week or every fortnight...LET ME KNOW!!

Besides posting my personal favourite outfits from Stylenanda, I will also include pictures of the outfits that I've put on last week so that you can have more outfit ideas. ;) 


I guess this is my favourite outfit of the week - I get a sense of serenity from wearing blue and white together. And not to mention, I think the skirt is really flattering, which makes my legs look slimmer than they actually are hahahahah. 

Sheer sleeved top from FashionValet 
Denim skirt from MONKI 
Sneakers from Adidas Originals x TOPSHOP 

A more Korean-ish and vintage approach in styling a denim skirt. I also love how she layered a sleeveless knitted top over a collared shirt! 
How many shades of blue you can see from this outfit hehehe? 
Bomber jacket from H&M 
Top from ShopSassyDream 
Jeans from TOPSHOP 
Sneakers from PUMA 

I can't describe how much I love this look! The pink sweater adds a vibrant hue to the entire outfit but the outfit still looks pretty cool and edgy! 

On Wednesday, I put on this hoodie from Bershka that has cute prints and patches all over it. The patches are the reason why I bought this hoodie though hahhaha! 

Hoodie from Bershka 
Shorts from Forever 21 
Sneakers from New Balance 

Looking for new ways to spice up a mundane outfit? Throw on a long checkered outerwear like her!! 

Tennis skirts are also one of my wardrobe staples other than button-down skirts! I often receive comments on Instagram complimenting my "long legs", but honestly, I don't consider my legs long at all. It's mainly because of the apparels I wear and my photographer, which make me look taller lolol. Wearing high-waisted bottoms really helps to create an illusion of having longer legs!!

Pullover from Ellysage 
Skirt from Taobao 
Sneakers from Adidas Originals

I think I will never get bored of wearing tennis skirts hehe!! 

Apparently, I still can't get over the button-down skirts. It's really my wardrobe staple at the moment because I can dress it up in so many different ways! This style totally screams "autumn" to me because of the cream and burgundy colour combination. Totally a great look for school and fall! 

(And sorry, there's no outfit pictures from me on Friday because I didn't have classes!) 

Okie, that's all for today!! Have a great week ahead! Stay fabulous ;) 


  1. Hi there, may I ask if you're sponsored by Wardrobemess? Because I saw your review on shopventure and I wonder if it is an honest review. I bought from them just now and then after that only I saw quite a number of bad reviews about them. So I'm a bit worried...

    1. Hi there! Yup, Wardrobemess is one of my clothing sponsors! I took my time to review about this shop on shopventure because I really like their collection and I think their clothes really suit my style. And if you wondering, nope, I was not paid to do so at all. The clothes I received from them are in good quality too. Would love to hear from you again once you got your parcel from them! :)

  2. Hi Jessica, I love reading your weekly outfit inspirations. Can't say how much I love your style! Would love to read it every week :)

    1. Hi Stella!! Thank you so much for the comment and the support!! I will try to update it weekly <3

  3. Hiiii I see you in uni now and then, sometimes it takes me awhile to recognize you but you're always looking so good! hehe

  4. omg, why ur leg so thin sia!!! like gonna patah le if i accident hit you.. HAHAH