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Hey there, bunnies!
It's been a while since I last blogged about my monthly favourite products. The last time I blogged about my monthly favourites was in August. I skipped for September's because there's nothing really special that I want to share with y'all that month. During October, I got the chance to try out some new products so I thought I would share with you the ones that I think are worth-sharing!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. All the products that I'll be mentioning are my personal favourites and I'm not paid to blog about any one of them at all.

The first item that I want to share with y'all is the Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Clearing Gel.

I got this product from Clinique last month because I had a minor breakout on my face due to women's monthly problem *eh-hem*. It's a spot treatment gel that helps to get rid of your pimples EFFECTIVELY. When I say "effectively", I'm not even kidding. This product makes clearing pimples faster and easier. (Can you believe that you can get rid of your pimples without poking your face with those scary surgical needles?!)

I think this product truly lives up to its name as it has been working on my spots very well!

What's even more amazing about this product is that it delivers immediate and surprising results AS SOON AS you apply it:
It dries out and shrinks the spots OVERNIGHT. However, do note that it will render a tingling sensation, which might be uncomfortable for some of you, but it didn't really bother me. (In fact, I actually like the tingling sensation wtf hahahaha) For those who are suffering from acne problem, please try this product out!!! 

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray 
This product is an absolute "thirst quench" for the dehydrated skin!! I always carry this product around with me when I am out of the house because my makeup tends to get cake-y sometimes during midday. So this product always comes in handy whenever I feel that my face needs some hydration! My face always feels instantly refreshed and moisturised after I give it a couple of spritzes! 

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask
For those who have tried its predecessor, I'm sure you guys loved it, right? This year, Laneige has redesigned and launched its latest sleeping mask, which I've been obsessed with so far! It doesn't only feed my skin with intense hydration all night, but it also lays out a pretty good sleep for me lolol. I also love the fact that this product always makes my face feel as super smooth as baby's skin!!

STILA Lash Stunner Extreme Lash Primer
THIS PRODUCT IS BEYOND AMAZING. Let me share something with you: before using this product, my mascara and eyeliner always smudge easily after few hours of application. No, it's not the problem of the mascara nor the eyeliner - the problem actually lies within my oily eyelids. I was so frustrated because I have tried a lot of waterproof mascaras/eyeliners, but they still end up smudging, leaving dirty smudges on the bottom of my eyes, urgh

BUT, this eyelash primer freaking changed my life (figuratively, calm down, gosh) and my mascara no longer smudges after applying a few coats of this eyelash primer prior applying mascara!!! YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I FEEL ABOUT IT. I would say it's totally worth the price!!

Do give this product a try when you drop by any Sephora stores!! (once again, not a paid shoutout ok)

This has officially become my new favourite foundation. I feel that LANCOME products are underrated; some of them are actually super amazing, like this foundation! I know there are many people who refuse to use foundation because they are afraid that it might feel too heavy or too thick on the skin. But let me tell you, this foundation is super lightweight, non-cakey and very easy to blend. (You can blend it easily with your fingers or a brush. For me, I use my trusty Beauty Blender because I feel that this foundation goes very smoothly on my face with the Beauty Blender)
 This foundation also provides great coverage with concentrated illuminating pigments that correct dullness. 

The shade that I'm using is O03, which is just the perfect shade for my skin tone.


BENEFIT Sugarbomb Blusher
The next product that I want to share with y'all is the SUGARBOMB blusher from Benefit. This blusher is included in the Sugarlicious Lip and Cheek makeup kit, which I have blogged about before! I like everything in this kit, but I'm particularly in LOVE with the Sugarbomb blusher. I used to prefer blushers that are more pinkish, but the Sugarbomb blusher has become my go-to blusher every day. The reason why I fell for it is because it renders a subtle golden sheen and peachy-pink radiance on my cheeks. I'll surely purchase this product in full-size once I finish it!!


BENEFIT the POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine
Firstly, let's talk about the packaging: How adorable it is?! I love using this product as a setting powder because it minimises my pores, keeps my face super matte and shine-free and gives my foundation an airbrushed effect. If you are mad about being matte, try this out! Oh, by the way, this product also comes with a built-in brush, which makes touching-ups easier!

Okay, I know this is not a beauty item, but I really want to give this pair of BEAUMONT Chelsea Boots a holla! I bought this from TOPSHOP the other day because apparently I can never uplift my "boots addiction" hahaha. I love them because not only do they match with everything, they are also freaking comfortable to walk in. The inner soles are well-padded and the sides of the shoes are pretty elastic, which make them super easy to put on!!



On a side note, my pink hair has been with me for 3 weeks already and it is still not showing any signs of fading yet omg. Centro Hair Salon makes dyeing hair fun and fuss-free because I don't have to visit them every 2 weeks to touch-up on my hair colour! *whee*


So I guess that's all I want to share today!! If you guys are using any of the products mentioned above, please let me know your thoughts!! 


  1. Hey Jessica! can i know which outlet of topshop did you got your beaumont chelsea boots? I went to pavilion today and they told me it's sold out T_T thank youuu

    1. I just went today (10/11) and I able to get my uk 38 Chelsea boots ;-)

    2. Whut really?! The sales person told me it's sold out even in other outlets sigh T_T

    3. I went there around 7pm and my size still gt 2 pairs...

    4. They have it on Zalora but only size 36 and 40 left! http://www.zalora.com.my/Beaumont-Micro-Chelsea-Boots-396449.html

    5. Maybe can go to topshop online store buy it? But the delivery fee quite expensive.

    6. my size is 39 haha ;( thanks so much I think I'll try going to other outlets to try my luck! :p

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