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Since I was young, I have always been very inquisitive about how things work in the universe: How did people leave the surface of the Earth and explore the space? How did the stars and volcano form? How does the human brain work? Why are there human beings in this world? The list of questions never knows a satisfying end.

I don't know about you, but I always think that this world is full of wonders and mysteries.
 And it's absolutely amazing how science can solve and explain most questions and mysteries in the world. The way science plays the role as our metaphoric eyes in helping us learn so much about the world around us is nothing but tremendously awe-inspiring.

Petrosains has always been striving to popularise science in our nation, which I think is awesome, because learning science is undeniably important to the society in this booming era of lightning-fast development.

The last time I visited Petrosains was 8 years ago, back when I was still a kid. The experience I had was like no other, and the memorable visit was deeply imprinted in my vaults of remembrance ever since.

Just last week, I was told that a brand new event has launched in Petrosains and I couldn't help but feel so excited about it!! What was even more exciting: I had the privilege to attend the official launch as a blogger!!!

So ladies and gentlemen, lo and behold The ILLUSION: Nothing is as it Seems - an exhibition which put together as a collaboration between Petrosains and Trinity College Dublin of Ireland.

ILLUSION is all about discovering how our perception underpins the way we perceive and understand the world. Infused with the elements of science, arts and psychology, the artworks and exhibits that come in unexpected types of illusions will definitely blow your mind away.


It was totally my honor to be there to witness the grand launch of this exhibition, and of course, it's happening all thanks to the support of you readers! :p

Tengku Nasariah Tengku Syed Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer of Petrosains, presenting her speech. She elaborated her wish that this exhibition will be able to attract and reach out to audiences from the younger generation.

On a side note, hello really-cool-looking-futuristic-podium.

Irish Ambassador to Malaysia, His Excellency Ambassador Designate Eamon Hickey mentioned that ILLUSION is a structured platform to promote science. He hopes that this exhibition will be able to nurture and spark the interest in science among the target audience, that is mainly the youth.

After the speeches, the lights went off and a slideshow of abstract arts were played, along with a rousing a'capella performance by the Young KL Singers. Their performance was so good that it totally sent torrents of chills up my spine. No joke.




When I first stepped before these three screens, I had nothing in my virtual bucket of expectation. To be honest, I didn't even know how the entity is supposed to work (which made the whole thingy all the more intriguing)! Thankfully, I found a note next to the screens which explained the instructions to observe this illusion, and then stumbled back to the middle. I started by focusing at the spirals, and then looking into the mirror - which was when magic happened.

My head started to shrink in the mirror!
Was the mirror playing tricks on my mind? Or was it due to the spirals? My mind began pleading for an answer.

However, it was nothing of magic at all. It was all a motion aftereffect illusion.
If you are interested about the biological details behind this piece of illusion, feel free to go here.

Here are some other pictures that I have taken in the exhibition, and I'm not going to elaborate on them because I really don't want to spoil them for you. I strongly recommend you to pay a visit to the exhibition and take in the experience first-hand. Trust me, you will be amazed.

You can read this, trust me. 


This is so cool!!!


The animal on the screen completely mimics the motions of my head, even when I leave my jaw hanging open!


Wanna experience seeing bugs COME OUT of the screen and crawl all over your body? :P 

Putting the headphones on, you will feel as if you actually are getting a haircut in the hair salon. You can hear the razors snapping all around your head as if your hair is actually getting trimmed!


Put on some Mission Impossible-ish shades, staring at the blank white screen...

...except not really.

My body just melted into the absolute darkness around me. *help*


The projection of digital imagery on the white block makes you see (and almost believe) that the structure can exist in many forms. This one can really toy with your mind for a while!

There are actually more artworks and exhibits which I have not taken photos of,
and there's actually no reason for you to not explore this dimension of endless illusional curiosity.

The ILLUSION exhibition is now open, and will only be available until 10th January 2016.
Come and let your curiosity thrive on the combined wonder of science, arts and psychology - only in Petrosains.

For more information about the opening hours and more, feel free to visit the official website of Petrosains.