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Many of you have approached me and asked me all sorts of questions about my hair: 

"Jessica, what hair shampoo you use ah?" 

"How do you keep your hair straight and smooth?" 

"How do you keep your hair healthy despite frequent hair-dyeing?" 

Well, this post is gonna get your mysteries solved! 

I'm not sure if you guys still could remember, I blogged about the Sunsilk Perfect Straight hair products about a year ago! 


Actually, I am still using the Sunsilk Perfect Straight range now, with some experimental brand switching in between. But at the very end, I eventually made my way back to the Sunsilk Perfect Straight range. Before we talk about the reason why, let me ask you girls a question: 

Don't you get annoyed when your hair looks perfectly straight and smooth when it's wet, but it becomes frizzy and loses its shape as it starts to dry?!! *inserts angry emoji* 

That's the problem I had before using the Sunsilk Perfect Straight range.


From the Sunsilk Perfect Straight range comes the Straight Lock technology™, which really helps to lock in the moisture and nourishment to keep my hair straight, even without the need of any hair-styling tools. What's the reason to not let it rid my annoyance? 

This technology (which exclusively belongs to Sunsilk) pushes the shampoo/conditioner deep into the hair fibre, resulting in reduction of frizz, active holding of every strand of your hair and keeps it perfectly aligned as it dries!


For those of you who aren't a fan of baking your hair with immense heat, you can leave your hair to dry naturally, yet still look beautifully straight with Sunsilk Perfect Straight products! 

So if you are looking for a new hair shampoo/conditioner that will keep your hair straight and smooth, do try out the Sunsilk Perfect Straight range!

Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo (340ml, RM13.20) and Sunsilk Perfect Straight conditioner (320ml, RM13.20) are available in all leading supermarkets and retail outlets nationwide!

For more information, visit Sunsilk's official website

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  1. This best flat iron straightened is awesome and the teeny one that comes with it is perfect for traveling! I always hated packing up my hot straightened that I used in the morning for a trip, so having a small second one has been extremely helpful! I can use it to straighten my hair and even curl the ends under. I love it!