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Time has been flying by mercilessly from the beginning of the year. And I really cannot believe that 2015 is drawing to a close. 2 more days to 2016. Are you guys prepared to usher in a brand new year? 

Every year end, I would do some reflection and blog about the memorable moments / achievements / highlights of the year. This year, I'm going to do the same as well because I think doing some self-reflection helps me learn more about myself. It makes me realise a lot of things, such as how much effort I've put in achieving my goals, and so on. It also makes me realise how much positive changes I have made in becoming a happier, better person in general. Most importantly, it makes me realise what I have and what I should be grateful for.

So let's begin! 

1) Travelling to Singapore and Tokyo this year

First time to USS! It was an awesome trip with my mum and my friends!

Also, I travelled to my favourite city, Tokyo with my mum!! Visited a lot of attractions in Tokyo and it's definitely one of the best vacations I have ever experienced. You can read more about my trip to Tokyo by clicking the "J-Tokyo" label on the side of my blog.

2) Casting for SUNSILK's TVC
It might not be a big deal for you, but it certainly is for me. Never in my life would I've expected to be shortlisted in a TVC cast, ever. Hence, a million thanks goes to Nuffnang! I feel very, very grateful to be able to have this money-cant-buy kind of opportunity!

3) Collaborating with lots of my personal favourite brands

I'm so, so lucky to be able to work with lots of my favourite skin-care and makeup brands this year. Just to name a few: Clinique, Shu Uemura, Lancome, Benefit Cosmetics, Laneige, Origins, Innisfree and many more; some of my favourite clothing brands such as: PUMA, Wardrobemess and Shopsassydream. Not forgetting to mention, a huge thank you to Anticlockwise, Ellysage and TheStageWalk for sponsoring me lots of beautiful clothes monthly. Thank you so much for all the opportunities! 

4) Trying out hair colours & growing out fringe!

If you have been keeping up to my blog for about 2-3 years, you would have noticed that I have changed my hair colour a lot. AND, I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and grow out my fringe!! I kept my bangs for 2 good years (I think) because I was so used to having them, hence I had been reluctant to make a new change until this year. There's no particular reason why I want to change my hairstyle. I just thought I wanted to try out something different. Anyway, thank you CENTRO W SALON and Han (my hairstylist) for all the amazing hair colours. THANK YOU. T__T 

5) Experimenting with different makeup styles 

I have definitely tried out a lot of different looks this year. I'm nowhere near a professional makeup artist, but I really enjoy learning and honing my touch every time I do my own makeup. I would say that I have improved a lot this year, considering the fact that I was a makeup noobie who had zero skills in applying eyeshadows and eyeliner back then. For me, I really enjoyed experimenting with new looks because it's one of my ways to express myself. Also, I feel a sense of achievement every time my eyeshadows are well-blended or my eyeliner is drawn on point! :P 
Watch my makeup tutorials on my Youtube channel if you are interested!!

6) Watching BIG BANG live

DEFINITELY ONE OF THE MOST MEMORABLE EVENTS THAT HAVE HAPPENED THIS YEAR. Big Bang is the only Kpop group that I enjoy watching. I love their songs, and love each and every member in the group (although my bias remains with T.O.P HAHAHA!) The concert was one of the BEST concerts that I've attended, and I had no regrets for spending a few hundred bucks on their concert ticket at all. It's all worth it. I'm not sure when they will release the next album (it is rumoured that T.O.P will be enlisted to the army next year), but I'll wait for them for sure! T___T

7) Experiencing fine dining for the first time in my life

I was taken to Cantaloupe in Troika for dinner on my birthday! It was my first fine dining experience ever in my life, and it was very memorable indeed. I was really grateful for the one-of-a-kind experience ♥

8) Being more active on Youtube

I've created a Youtube channel in September 2014, but I wasn't really consistent in producing videos back then. This year, I think I became active in making videos compared to last year (although I still do not make them on a weekly basis like the Youtubers you know). I like to take Youtube as a new venture and a new milestone for me though. At least I've stepped beyond my game and set foot into something which is really different from blogging (writing). Now, my current focus is to manage both my blog and Youtube channel well. It's definitely not easy to juggle between the both, so I like to take Youtube simply as a hobby - not a homework nor a job. I only make videos when I am in the mood, or when I have something new to share (like a new makeup tutorial or new styling tips). Anyway, I would like to say a big THANK YOU for those who have been reading my blog + watching my videos! Thanks for all the support!!

9) Friends - new and old

With Stella and JieYi (my pretty friends and cafe kaki)

With my insanely fun uni mates

With Melissa and Melanie (my very lovely uni mates)

With Jxhia and Joanne (I call us the triple Js)

With Cassy, Natalie, Charmayne and Jwoyin (my 10-years long primary-high-school buddies)

With BaoEr (my long-distance-relationship babe. We go insane every time we get to meet.)

With Jxhia (Surprisingly, we got really close although we only got to know each other this year. Meeting her has got to be one of my biggest pleasures this year!)

This year, I have met a lot of new people, built new friendships, and stayed close with the existing ones.
I am so thankful for those who never left.
I am also very thankful for those who came into my life this year.
Thank you for making 2015 a memorable and interesting year for me. I look forward to celebrating many more years of friendships with y'all. And I'm also definitely looking forward to friendships that are yet to unfold in the coming days.

10) 3rd year anniversary with Teddy

No we don't have time for this kind of shit. Thanks Tumblr :P

This year marks our 3rd year together, and I feel eternally grateful for having Teddy by my side. He is always trying his best to give me the best (not in the form of materials, but attention, care, guidance and love). I always have him on my back; he is the person that I can count on. I'm so happy that we grew up and overcame lots of hardships together each year. It's been another great year with you, Teddy. Thank you for everything. ♥

11) Being more independent

Ever since I started earning money from blogging and my part-time job, I've never asked my parents for pocket money. I pay for most of my expenses with my own money (when I say "own money", it literally means the money that I earn from my jobs) such as my meals, petrol fees, clothes, makeup, bags, shoes and even my flight tickets to Singapore and Tokyo this year.

But I am not complaining. I've been trained and taught to be independent and to work hard for the things I want since the time I started earning my own money. I'm glad that I have survived yet another year of being financially independent - it means something to me.

I wouldn't say that my life is hard, but I wouldn't say that it's easy either. I wasn't born in a rich family so I strongly believe that good things don't come easy. If you really want something, you work hard for it.

*pats self at the back for everything achieved this year*

I would say that it's been a fruitful year for me after all the hard work. I've got myself a new camera. And I've also rewarded myself with 2 dream bags that had been sitting on my wish-list for years. I feel really grateful and proud for having the ability to fulfil my needs and wants at this age. 

To sum everything up, I think 2015 has been an amazing year for me. 
I think that I have become stronger and more resilient than I was last year.

I hope y'all enjoyed reading this post, and I'm very, very thankful for having y'all here and going through another year with me. *sending virtual hugs to you*

I'll see y'all soon!! x