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I have to admit that all beautiful things make me happy. I love collecting notebooks with adorable front covers. I love buying socks with cute patterns. I love phone covers with unicorns, chocolates and candies printed on them.

However, when it comes to buying perfumes, I think the importance of the scent always overrides its appearance. I'm not saying that the design of the bottle is not important at all, but I personally will surely take the scent of the perfume into consideration first before a purchase. I don't want to pay for a bottle of perfume just because the design looks fancy, but the scent is something that does not represent my character.

To quote from an unknown someone: "Perfume speaks", and I do agree with the saying. I do believe that the scent you choose speaks something of you. You are, in a way, what you smell like.

As for me, I always liked a scent that is fresh and floral, but not too sweet and fruity, just like the Anna Sui Romantica perfume. I wear this scent to school almost every day because I think it's just the perfect scent for everyday use. It's definitely not the kind of scent that will make people go "Omg, her scent is too strong".

I was invited to the launch of Anna Sui Romantica in Yellow Brick Road the other day, and the setup totally screams "romance" to me. I mean, just look at the pretty roses everywhere!

Romantica is the Floral Jewel in my fragrance collection. If fairytales were made of flowers – undoubtedly they would smell like Romantica: charming, fresh, fabulous! It is like an enchanted bouquet of blooms, sure to cast a magical spell! And no one is too old for fairytales!!” said Anna Sui.

My olfactory senses were head over heels (well, if they actually had head and heels) with the lively scent the moment I held this intricate bottle close to my nose. The scent opens with a floaty feeling of Calabria Bergamot, Mandarin Essence, Sparkling Pomegranate, and Watery Quince, then followed by Rose de Mai, Osmanthus Absolute, Jasmine Petals, and Orange Blossom. Soon, you'll smell a light water lily and peony blossom. Finally, it settles with White Ceylon Cedar Wood, Sheer Amber, Indonesian Sandalwood, and Creamy Musk. How interesting and unique! 

Flowers are one of the most important elements in Romantica, as they have a charming allure that captures the heart and stirs the senses.



The flacon is absolutely a gleaming and gilded masterwork of flowers and interlacing vines delicately traced, topped with a "rosebud" that is waiting for its deserving master. The design of this perfume captures all of the essences of life, femininity and romance.

If you are searching for a new fragrance that is floral-and-fresh inclined, you should really add the Anna Sui's latest ethereal beauty - Romantica to your collection today!

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