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Hello bunnies! Today I'm going to blog about Pince & Pints, a restaurant and bar mainly serving LOBSTERS in Bangsar. Actually, this post is long overdue. It should have been up a few weeks ago, but I just didn't have the time to sit down and write about it. 

I decided to give my family a dinner treat in Pince & Pints because (1) I got my paycheque from Nuffnang, (2) my dad loves lobsters, (3) I remember a lot of bloggers (KBCG, Timothytiah, etc) have blogged and made positive remarks in their reviews on this restaurant.

Originated from Singapore, Pince & Pints is a very famous local lobster restaurant. 

"Pince & Pints Lobster Restaurant and Bar aims to provide diners with the epicurean experience of having a whole live lobster cooked according to their preference."

All their lobsters are wild-caught and flown in directly from the Atlantic Coast; they are transported to a state-of-the-art facility, and stored in a conducive environment before they are delivered in prime condition to the restaurant. So do expect to taste their lobsters of the freshest and most premium quality!

I made an online reservation on their website one day before my visit. And it's strongly recommended to make a reservation first to avoid disappointments!

Picture credits to vkeong 
I did not manage to take a picture of the storefront because it was raining that time and the sky was gloomy and dark.

The food menu comprises 4 lobster dishes only, and every dish is priced at RM158++.

To our slight disappointment, the serving time was super long. We waited for about 45 minutes for our food to be finally served. Are the dishes worth the eternal wait? Keep reading and you'll know!

Grilled Live Whole Lobster
Served with a bowl of salad, straight-cut fries and herbed butter sauce, this dish was just - WOW. The grilled lobsters tasted super delicious and "smoky", and the texture of the flesh was firm yet moist and juicy. Not forgetting to mention, the herbed butter sauce was definitely an extra bomb to the dish.

Lobster Noodles
If noodles and rice are your staple food for dinner, this dish is definitely designed for you. Besides the lovely presentation of this dish, I really enjoyed the fresh and juicy lobsters!! However, the noodles were quite soggy and a little bland, which was a slightly disappointing. Well, the lobsters are the only real deal here I guess.

So yup, that concludes our lobster-ful meal.

Will we visit Pince & Pints again? 
The answer is a firm yes! I guess I will go back to try the other 2 dishes - only when I'm in the mood to splurge again hahaha!

If you have tried their lobsters before, do leave me a comment to share your experience with me!


  1. Thanks for sharing Jessica! Might visit there soon with my family :)

  2. Grilled Live Whole Lobster looks amazing. but gosh 45 minutes for the wait. shall go there one day when I feel rich :D