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One of my resolutions in 2016 is to be grateful.

I realise that if you are never grateful for what you have in life, you will never be happy. Sometimes when you are complaining about life and how unfair it is, take some time to reflect and look around at the little things and people who surround you.

It's just a matter of perspective. Remember, someone else in the other side of the world is happy with less than what you have.

Here are a list of 100 things that I'm grateful for: 
I did not complete the list at once. After spending a few days observing and reflecting on my life, I realise that there are actually many reasons to be happy. And there are actually a lot of things and people that I should not take for granted. I'm glad that I took some time to compose this list; it really made me feel happier and more contented. You guys should try it too! ♥

1) Health

2) Family

3) Home

4) True friends 

5) Internet

6) Colours 

7) My bed

8) My blanket

9) Education

10) Food

11) Music

12) Waking up at 5am and realise there's still plenty of time to sleep

13) My puppy

14) Youtube

15) Clothes

16) My car

17) Hot baths after a long day

18) A compliment or a smile from a stranger

19) A kind gesture from a stranger

20) Books

21) Long talks and walks w/ someone you love

22) Sweatpants

23) Driving on the road with smooth traffic

24) Contact lens

25) Makeup

26) Good hair days

27) Good makeup days

28) Good results

29) Drinking a warm soup on a rainy day

30) Roasted chicken wings

31) Soft and fluffy pillows

32) A new toothpaste

33) Scented candles

34) Electricity and water

35) Flowers

36) Fresh air

37) The opportunity to travel to places that I love

38) Cameras

39) Hand sanitisers

40) Hand lotions

41) Sneakers

42) Finding a vacant parking bay right away

43) Free rides

44) Clean and dry toilets

45) Finding my lost Bobby pins

46) AUX cable for the car radio

47) Perfume

48) Receiving a hand-written letter / greeting cards

49) Good movies

50) Getting instant replies

51) Birthday wishes, surprises and celebrations

52) The snooze button

53) A family gathering

54) Pretty stationeries from Typo

55) The ability to read and write

56) Earl grey tea

57) Holidays and the freedom to do anything you want

58) Good team members

59) Fuzzy socks

60) Mother nature

61) My readers / viewers / followers 

62) Good weather

63) The ability to give

64) The ability to love

65) Feeling loved

66) A good sleep

67) Days without ulcers

68) Kind people

69) Good mood

70) My sponsors

71) My five senses

72) Free wi-fi

73) Leisure time / me-time

74) Google

75) Free fonts

76) People who believe in me

77) A good teacher / lecturer

78) Friday nights

79) A thoughtful gift

80) Peace

81) Inner-peace

82) Knowledge

83) People who are punctual

84) Rainy evenings

85) Taking a nap on a rainy evening

86) Silence

87) Art 

88) Words 

89) Wet tissues 

90) Vacuum cleaner (because I really hate using brooms) 

91) Online banking service (because it makes shopping online so much easier lol) 

92) Comfortable shoes 

93) Bomber jackets 

94) Challenges 

95) Clinique skin care products

96) People who are understanding 

97) Feelings 

98) Waking up today

99) Teddy 

100) Myself 


  1. awww :(
    thank u for this post jessica! feeling so blessed to know that there are soooo many things to be thankful of :D <3

  2. cool, please guidance so that I can create a blog like yours