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Throughout the years, I have met many people of different kinds.

 Some are really humble and down-to-earth, despite their success. 

Some are very humorous and are great talkers.

Some are very true and honest, yet not rude. 

But some are simply ridiculous.

I've always wanted to blog about this, but I just wasn't in the mood until now. The mood just kicked right in while I was washing the dishes just now. After drying my hands, I quickly settled down and barged right into this space, penning down my thoughts before the mood is gone.

So I was saying that some people are super ridiculous, what I really mean is, they are obscenely self-obsessed and are firm believers that people around them are trying to copy everything they do. 

"Wah, you see her, I dyed my hair purple, she also dyed her hair purple."

"Wah, I pose like this, she also poses like this!" 

"Wah, I got a bulldog, she also got a bulldog."

"Wah, I wear pastel colours, she also wears pastel colours." 

"I buy this brand, she also does the same."


And the freaking list goes on. 

What do you call this kind of people? I just can't seem to find the right word to aptly describe them.

If you dyed your hair xxx colour and it just so happens that an acquaintance or a friend of yours dyes the same colour as yours, how is that a problem?

It's her right to dye any hair colour that she wants. Plus, who actually legally owns the colour? Whoever dyed it first? Even if so, you certainly are not the first and only person in this world who dyed your hair xxx in colour. Additionally, just because you dyed that colour, it doesn't necessarily mean that others who dye theirs later than you are trying to copy you.

Why don't you think this way: If your friend dyes her hair purple and you dye yours just 1 day later, and she accuses you for copying her straightaway. How would you feel then? 

You have to understand that this world that we live in right here: it is a free world. Just because it so happens that you dress up in a certain way, it doesn't necessarily mean that others cannot have a similar fashion sense that you do.

You know what's the true definition of copying

People who rip an article off an original site, and published it on their own website, deeming it as their own work. That's copying. Plagiarism, to be exact. 
People who steal your idea, then make slight edits to make the work seem like their own. Again - Plagiarism. 

What I am trying to point out is that you really don't have to make such a huge fuss when you think someone is trying to "imitate" you. It is because it might easily turn out to be that the person actually has no intention to imitate you at all.

Come to think of copying, do you think that your style in fashion is 100% original? If you insist, well, way more people dyed their hair in purple before you, way more people wore pastel colours before you, way more people did way more things before you are even born. Then, do you feel fair to be labelled as a 'copycat' as well?

Well, I think we all have role models who we look up to, who have inspired us in some ways. Citing myself as an example, I like reading ViVi magazines for fashion inspirations, and many of my styles are inspired by ViVi designers and models. I'm not afraid to admit it because I don't think there's something wrong about it at all. 

Let me give you another example, many people adore Kylie Jenner's lips and they start lining their lips bolder and fuller like her. So is that wrong?

Same goes to other celebrities; many celebrities' styles get imitated. But getting "imitated" is what gives them value and worthiness - it is only because they are successful fashion icons after all!

But THEN AGAIN, I'm not in your shoes, so I can't really tell if someone is really trying to be your clone. But before you accuse someone of copying you, be sure that you are the original one.

But the main point of this post is:

The whole world does not revolve around you.

Maybe nobody has ever tried to be another you at all.

Disclaimer: This post is not directed at anyone in particular. If the shoe fits, feel free to wear it. 

If you have any similar encounters, comment down below and tell me your experiences! 


  1. There is a reason why influencers and followers exist,
    There is a reason why best friends and allies exist.
    Imagine a world being distinctively different from one another and no two person has similar interest, then the world would be filled with introverts and no one would talk to one another simply because there isn't anything to talk about. So, if being slightly similar with someone is considered a copy cat, then I guess there is no true self in anyone in this world.
    Don't worry about what others have to say nor think about you. Just be yourself, just be Jessica Chaw *wink wink*

  2. Totally agreed on what you said! You are very encouraging and inspiring! :)

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