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It's been a while since I last wrote a food review, so here's one!

Wait a minute..this is not going to be exactly a food review, but a Japanese-styled COCKTAIL review, which is something entirely new for a person like me, leave alone this blog.

I was invited to The Bar Kinugawa for a cocktail-tasting session last week. I'm not a drinker and I have very little knowledge about cocktail and other alcoholic drinks. So, when I received the invitation from The Bar Kinugawa, I hesitated for a while. I was afraid that I am not a perfect candidate to write them a review but in the end, I accepted their invitation because I really wanted to try how cocktails taste like, especially coming from a Japanese bartender in The Bar Kinugawa!

The Bar Kinugawa is located at 1st Floor, Empire Damansara (above Tous Les Jour, same floor as Harajucube). It's owned by Sam (a Japanese) and Chin (a Malaysian).

I really love how they organised everything on the shelves. I was also told that Sam, being a Japanese, emphasizes on cleanliness very much. That's why all the tables and wine glasses are kept squeaky clean and so crystal clear it's tough to find even a single stain.

And all the seats look so cozy! Who doesn't want to enjoy a hearty conversation over a drink here with his/her friends and family on a Friday night?!

Since I'm a newbie in drinking, I asked for something light and fruity. And I was really excited for my first cocktail prepared by Sam himself!!

*shake shake*


So ladies and gentlemen, lo and behold the Passionfruit Mint Mojito! Okay, since this is my first time tasting a mojito in my life, I found the taste to be rather strong, yet tolerable and smooth.

Next, we had the Dragon Fruit Rum! My mum enjoyed this! Anyway, in The Bar Kinugawa, you will get to taste all kinds of fruity cocktails in their most original forms - fresh and REAL fruits (instead of the artificially flavoured juice on the supermarket shelves) are used to produce all the cocktails!

The Bar Kinugawa also serves its house-special canapés. We had the smoked octopus and WE LOVED IT!! It was no less than excellence, and perhaps it was no surprise at all because it's been smoked over wood fire for hours prior to serving.

Next, we had the Pear Sake Cocktail, which was my favourite drink among all!! It was really refreshing, and it tasted somewhat like bubblegum hahaha! Made with large juicy pears, some junmai sake, a hint of lemon juice and some blue curacao, this delicious drink was really tantalising to my tastebuds, leaving me wanting for more. (Not to mention, I also love the colour of the drink very much hahah!)


*Snacks break*
My mum was over the moon when these dark chocolate treats were served! Specially crafted with Sam's mastery, these delectable morsels will melt right into your mouth.

Omg! The Grasshopper Cocktail totally reminds me of Tiffany blue, isn't it pretty?! Appearance aside, it's definitely worth trying - owing to its minty chocolatey flavour! If you are a fan of mint chocolate, yup, this will be the perfect blend for you.


Ok, I'm literally the first customer who gets to try this brand new cocktail that Sam concocted on the spot. It's called the LUCKY cocktail, specially made to celebrate the auspicious Chinese New Year. Made with orange and pineapple, this drink is definitely going to set you in the joyous celebratory mood!

Take a close look, and what do you see? An ice-cube in the shape of a rose!!! HOW EXQUISITE!

I also had the opportunity to taste a shot of the Nikka Gold & Gold Blended Whisky, and guess what? You will be given one free shot of this whisky too when you post a selfie with this bottle on Instagram with the hashtag #thebarkinugawa! Once the bottle finishes, their favourite submitted selfie will be chosen to receive the empty bottle as a free gift!! (This bottle is not for sale)

So how did my first "drinking session" go?
To be honest, it was a great experience in The Bar Kinugawa. I totally enjoyed observing the process of creating the drink just across the bar and it really amazed me how fastidious and attentive Sam is towards details. If you have a passion for light alcohols, do try out their sake and wine. And for those who are a big fan of stronger spirits, a wide array of choices await you in The Bar Kinugawa. ;)

The Bar Kinugawa
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebarkl1
Instagram: @Thebarkinugawa
Business hours: Mon-Sun: 7:00 pm – 2:00 am
112, Empire Damansara, Heritage Lane, (same row as Harajucube)
No.2, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


  1. Thank you so much. We are very honored to host you and your family. We hope you enjoyed the time with us and please do come back soon!

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