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Hey guys! Welcome back! 

I hope most of you have already read my Korea trip itinerary + traveling tips post, if you haven't already, go and read now ok!! 

Anyway, I am going to dive deep into the places that I've been to in Seoul and I will be separating the posts according to different days. And I will try to include as much useful information as I could (such as the directions)!


We reached Incheon International Airport around 3pm+ after 6 hours 55 mins of flight from KL. After collecting our baggage, we went to the "airport transfer bus" counter to purchase our bus ticket. I would say it's a cheaper alternative than taking the cab from the airport to the city area. The airport bus ticket (one-way only) costed about 15,000 won (=RM51) for each person!

Our airbnb appartment is nearby Gangnam area, but we got down the bus at "Bang Bang" bus station. And from "Bang Bang" bus station, we walked for about 3 mins to reach our airbnb apartment! (If you are planning to stay in the airbnb apartment that I recommended, remember to jot this info down!)

Walking to Gangnam from our apartment!

UntitledBraids by Joanne heheh! 


Spotted Song Joong-Ki as the face of Baskin Robbins!! *screams*

Then, we went shopping in the Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre!! It's a huge underground shopping mall with lots of shops selling mainly women clothes, shoes and accessories at prices as low as 5000 won (RM17)!! I seriously shopped a lot here! 

But the only problem is that you cannot try on the clothes at some stores. 

DIRECTION:Exit in Metro Line 2 at Gangnam Station. The underground shopping mall is connected to the metro station.

There are a lot of stores selling really Korean-styled pieces, which I was super excited about because I'm a huge fan of Korean fashion!

Whether you are looking for sandals, heels, sneakers or platforms, Gangnam has it all. You name it, they have it.

Also, there are a lot of shops selling super cute character socks!!!

Aritaum is something like Sasa in Malaysia. It offers a wide array of Korean cosmetic brands, such as IOPE, Laneige, Mamonde, etc.

Etude House in Korea is a must-go! It has so many products that are not available in Malaysia! 

Lilymaymac has collaborated with Etude House and she was using this lipstick in her shoots for Etude House!! The colour is gorgeous, and it costed 9000won (RM31). BUY!

Dinner at a random restaurant in Gangnam!

Our very first meal in Seoul - Dakgalbi! It's quite spicy anyway!

And that concludes our first day in Seoul. Stay tuned for the next!! ♥


  1. i love you Jessica, I've been dotting you on your Snapchat posts during your Korea trip:-) And just by reading you blog..waah! I'm dying..hehehe.. I'm going on July and I love how informative and helpful this entry..Thanks!

    Korean fanatic here!

    Your fan from Philippines!

    1. Aw, thank you! I'm so glad that you find my post informative! Hope you have fun in Korea!! <3

  2. Can't wait for your next entry! :) &&& I love all of your pictures <3

  3. halo Jessica I love you <3

  4. Jess can I date you ? xoxo

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