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Flawless and dewy skin.

Bold and straight brows.

Perfectly winged eyeliner. 

This is how I interpret K-beauty. I've always been a fan of Korean and Japanese makeup. So I'm beyond stoked when Shu Uemura contacted Jxhia and I for a collaboration of its new collection - the #KYEFORSHU collection.

It's really an interesting collection because it's a fusion of Japanese and Korean makeup. Shu Uemura, being a Japanese cosmetic brand, is collaborating with Kye, who is a Korean fashion designer. As we all know, Shu Uemura always comes up with exciting collaborations with artists and celebrities, Karl Lagerfeld, Maison Kitsune, Yazbukey - just to name a few. Carole, the PR of Shu Uemura Malaysia told me that Shu Uemura is always ready and excited to work with people who have a passion for art in the industry.

The #KYEFORSHU collection is all about going for a bold, bright and daring look. The collection consists of a full range of limited edition makeup and skin care products that include pin-point items for bold eyebrows, defined eyeliner and a natural flush on the cheeks.

How adorable is the packaging?!

So, Jxhia and I have come out with an idea of doing a "My BFF does my makeup" challenge. It's basically me doing her makeup and vice versa. It's actually my first time applying makeup for other people, not forgetting to mention, Jxhia's features are really different from mine too! So it was pretty challenging for me, but I guess I have done a pretty good job HAHA! Watch my video and you'll know! :p

Also, here are some pictures of my #ExoticKool look, which was done by Jxhia:




Doing the signature "K" hand sign of this collaboration!

UntitledJxhia's look is about having pink brows and pink eyeliner while mine is focusing more on bold, dark violet brows and super winged eyeliner!

Watch my video if you wanna see how I did Jxhia's #GlamorousKute makeup! 

Before you go, I wanna announce that I'm hosting an Instagram giveaway with Shu Uemura, and we're giving away RM500 worth of Shu Uemura products to 1 lucky winner!! 

Giveaway ends this Sunday, so act fast!! ♥

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