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NUXE is an international skin care brand originated from Paris. It has already made its presence in more than 74 countries worldwide! Therefore, I felt so honoured to be invited to the launch of NUXE in KL the other day and they are so kind to gift each of us a box of goodies!

I'm not going to share with you ALL the products that I got from them actually, but only the few ones that I personally love!! So, there are actually a total of 4 products that I want to blog about today!

P1080255First of all, I want to talk about the NUXE 24hour Soothing and Moisturising Cream.
To be honest, it has a pretty thick and buttery consistency, as compared to other moisturisers that I own. Despite the buttery consistency, it actually doesn't feel sticky at all, which is totally amazing!

P1080260With its rich and soft texture, I feel that my skin is intensely nourished and "well-protected". Since it's made of Plants Milk and White Blossom, it ensures long-lasting hydration for your skin! I was also told that this cream can soothe any discomfort and redness on your skin too!

P1080265Moving on, I want to share with y'all this awesome possum multi-purpose oil! It's actually called the Huile Prodigieuse® (such an artsy name, I know). Anyway, it's one of the best-selling beauty oils in France. This multi-usage dry oil, made of six Precious Plant Oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borrage, Almond, Camellia and St. John's Wort), nourishes, repairs and softens your skin and hair.

P1080266Now, you might be wondering: Does it feel oily or greasy on the skin since it's an "oil"?
The answer is NO! I have applied it on both of my skin and hair, and I personally think that it doesn't feel oily at all (and a small pump will do its job already)! Instead, it gets absorbed pretty fast into my skin, leaving my skin silky and smooth.

Now, I want to introduce you the NUXE Gentle Toning Lotion with rose petals! Its watery texture gives my skin a very soothing and refreshing feeling upon application! I apply it every time after cleansing, not only to refresh the skin, but also to remove all the impurities and traces of make-up. Not forgetting to mention, it smells really pleasant too!! (btw, this product suits all skin types including sensitive skin too!)

Okay, the last product: the Nuxe White Daily UV Protector! I'm sure that many of you are aware of the importance of using a sunscreen, right? So I will just skip that "educating part" and jump straight into what I like about this product.

As you can see, it has a pretty milky and watery texture. So, it glides on really smoothly on your skin and it's extremely easy to blend out. I feel zero stickiness after applying this sunscreen on my skin!

P1080279See! It leaves no trace of "white films" on the skin! Besides, it boasts other benefits too, such as cellular repair and anti-pollution protection.


OK babies, that's all I wanna share today! Will talk to you guys very soon again! ♥