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I feel like it's been a long time since I last wrote about something personal, something which is related to my current life. I know, I used to come to this space and just vomit whatever it is from my mind. But recently, this space has just been bombarded with travel posts. Is it a good thing? I'm not really sure. 

I'm happy to receive comments from you guys, telling me that you guys love my Korea travel vlogs and posts. I'm really happy! It makes me feel like sharing more of what I know and what I think might benefit y'all! 

But as I find myself heading more to that direction, I feel like I have somehow lost connection with this blog. It sounds weird but I don't find myself thinking much about what to share on my blog next, other than my Korea trip posts. Will this blog be different or even dead after I finish blogging about my Korea trip posts? I don't know and I wouldn't want that to happen because I have dedicated so much of my time and soul into running this blog since I started it. And I wouldn't want all my effort go down the drain, into a post-terrestrial third place. 

So here's just a totally random update, not only from me to you guys, but also from me to myself. Life has been hectic and a constant struggle of meeting assignment deadlines, studying and memorising the useless theories and stupid terms for finals which is less than 3 weeks away, editing and producing content on both of my blog and Youtube channel. 

But I know, everything I am doing now will be worth it. All the struggles and pressure that I am feeling now will shape and determine who I am in the future. I always believe that the choices we make now will determine our destiny. Nobody has an exact plan for your future; YOU are the only one who knows what you really want in life and what you should really plan.

Alright, I shall move on with my revision. Will talk to y'all soon!

Before I end this post, here are some of the videos I produced recently: 

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