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Just in case you haven't already noticed, there's a new video on my Youtube channel!! 

It's been a while since I last filmed a "lookbook" video. I've always wanted to film more lookbooks but I couldn't find a nice place / background to film. T_T 

I always imagine myself living in U.K, I mean, the streets and buildings are super nice and artistic. It's like every corner and every little alley is so photogenic and hipster. And the weather is also perfect for filming (most of the time).

If you guys have any place recommendations for filming in KL, please let me know! 

Anyway, back to the video, it was actually a collab between PUMA. 

I've been collaborating with them since a year ago and I must say, I feel very grateful and honoured to be able to work with this brand. Every time I visit their showroom, I get super excited, because I get to see the latest collections and be one of the first fews to get my feet on them. 

One of my favourite designs have got to be Puma Eskiva (Low-cut), I am sure you can see me wearing it very often in my Instagram pictures. I even wore them to my Tokyo trip this March because they are so comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

Kylie in Puma Suede 
I also love the Puma Suede, yup, the classic babies. Now I own about 3 pairs of them and I find them very versatile to mix-and-match with. I just love how they emanate a "hipster" vibe...if you know what I mean. 

I also love, love, love Puma's sneaker wedges. I'm usually not a fan of sneakers with heels because they tend to hurt my feet after a long day. I used to own a pair of sneaker wedges from asos but they hurt af. I bought some from Taobao as well last time and I have never worn them more than twice.

BUT, honestly, Puma's sneaker wedges are the most comfortable sneaker wedges that I have ever worn. I am not sure what technology they have infused into the design of the shoes, but yup, they are comfortable af. And they make you look chio and taller, so why not?! 

I also own 2 pairs of sports shoes from Puma (like the kind that you can really wear to the gym and do your intense cardio exercises). Again, nothing feels more comfortable than wearing a pair of sports shoes. They are super lightweight and they are really made for running.

THIS IS ON MY WISHLIST. It's sold out everywhere, even on Puma's official website. T_T

Ok. I swear my intention of this blog post was just to inform you guys that I have a new video on my Youtube channel. But I just don't know why I got so excited to share with y'all my Puma shoes collection as I write hahahaha! Anyway, do leave me a comment and tell me which Puma sneakers are your favourite!



  1. Oh my god! I have to follow this blog from now on. Your Work Out Clothes and shoes collection is stupendous and trust I am going to follow your posts religiously. I have to share this post will my friends and cousins because a lot of them need a stylist and you’d be perfect for all of us.

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  3. Great post. The shoes looks great and amazing. Thanks for sharing!!

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