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Last week was a pretty busy week for me as I had to attend quite a few events! So I thought I would vlog my journey and bring you guys with me! 

So I attended the Laneige 3rd Generation BB Cushion launch and oh my god, have you guys checked out the packaging already? It's super beautiful with its light-reflecting casing!

The next day, my day was packed with 3 events! It was tiring as hell but it was such a fruitful day for me! I went to the Sephora Fall Press Day in the afternoon. Heck, the event was such a bomb. Jxhia actually tagged me along to this event, and when she asked me whether I'm interested to go to a Sephora event with her, I just said: "Alright, just count me in!". Little did I know, the event was actually a huge one with MANY international brands (such as Marc Jacobs, Tarte, Too Faced, GHD, IT Cosmetics, and their representatives (and even founders) introducing and having an one-to-one session with us!!! It was such an honour to be able to meet all of them as they were all so friendly and humble!! I literally spent a few good hours going around all the booths to check out their new products! And I must say, it was the most interesting event that I've ever been. I got to play around with the cosmetics while meeting new people from all over the world...I felt like I was in heaven! *tears of joy*
Thank you Jxhia and Sephora for the invitation!!

Right after the Sephora event, Jxhia and I rushed to Fahrenheit 88 for the Shu Uemura Color Atelier Launch. We were super late and sadly, we missed a show! Nonetheless, I'm glad that I made it to the event as I got to catch up with Carole and a few friends over there!

After that, we went to Pavilion for an early dinner because we didn't have lunch. Then right after that, we dashed to St.Regis Hotel for the last event of the day, which was the Buro247 Anniversary Party!

Anyway, I'll now let the video do the talking for me hahaha!

Also, I just uploaded a new video today - MY HUGE SEPHORA HAUL FT. 72 PRODUCTS IN 3 MINS) Yup, all the goodies were given to me during the Sephora Fall Press Day event *feeling super lucky*! 

It's not the usual haul video where I sit down and talk about each and every product! This time around, I filmed my haul video in the stop-motion-way! After spending 2 hours standing and filming the entire video all by myself, my legs and back sore so bad. I took the entire day to film, edit and upload it to my channel soooooooo I really hope y'all like the outcome!!

If you haven't already subscribed to my channel, you totally should do it NOW because I'll be more active on Youtube from now onwards! :P 

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