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Surfing amidst waves of people, shopping bags slung over your right shoulder, heels beginning to give in to the pain of endless treading - at this point there is only one series of thoughts in your mind:

Go home.
Remove makeup.
Snuggle down in bed.


You can bet that anyone who applies makeup have surely known by now: the makeup removal process is potentially the most hated part of the day.

Just imagine:

You choose your ootd, you get dressed, you have a long day in school, you hang out with your friends after class, you do some shopping, you have your meals, then you feel tired, so you head home, and once you're home...

...and you still had to remove your makeup.

If removing makeup never annoyed you I am so going to send you a trophy handcrafted by yours truly.

However, thanks to the amazing scientists who work their best every single day for the betterment of us narcissistic, self-contradicting I-want-to-make-up-but-I-don't-want-to-remove-make-up kind of girls -


- removing makeup is no longer THAT annoying!

Introducing the UK top-selling cleansing water... *drum rolls*

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water!

Simple, the experts in sensitive skin, believes that looking and feeling good can be Simple, not complicated. If you do put on makeup but have not heard of this brand, you have no idea what you're missing out on!

Many, I say MANY Youtubers have been raving about Simple's Micellar Water, and I believe it isn't for no reason (cause y'know, Youtubers have so much money and stuff, they surely can afford to pick the best brands out there right?). So, I decided to put Simple's very own cleansing water to test, and the results... well, read on :p

Simple Micellar Water is basically a makeup remover, and it takes away the need of rinsing your face after removing make up. Not only that, it even grants a hydration boost to your beautiful face by 90%! Whilst thoroughly removing makeup and impurities, the Simple Micellar Water unclogs the pores on your skin simultaneously, letting it breathe easy. 

How do they do that?

Triple purified water: 
Simple infused the "purest possible water" into the Micellar Water to minimise potential in inducing irritation to your skin, which may be caused by the naughty extraneous particles or contaminants sitting on your skin.

Vitamin B3:
The magical element that restores, soften and smoothen your skin. Also the knight in shining armour for those with dry skin!

Vitamin C:
A water soluble antioxidant vitamin for your skin.

Hexylene Glycol:
The master in dissolving makeup and gently conditioning your skin.

Besides, there is 0% artificial perfume, colours or any harsh chemicals in this product!!


Here's what I did (and how you should use the Micellar Water):
1. Pour a generous amount of the cleansing water on a cotton pad.

2. Swipe the cotton pad over entire face to remove grime.

3. Gently wipe around closed eyes.

4. Rinse? NAH, not needed! :P

And of course, there is always a back-alley perk for the lazy girls out there:
Simply get the Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes! It comes in a really convenient pack (like wet tissue packings)!


My thoughts on the product?

All the hype showered on this cleansing water wasn't for nothing. It only took me a few gentle wipes to collect all the makeup on my face onto the cotton pad! With every wipe, my face felt more alive and fresh, and there wasn't a single hint of tightness!

I know.
You're itching to dash out to the market and get a bottle now.
But take these info with you!

 Micellar water (200ml) - RM22.90
Micellar wipes (25pcs) - RM22.90
(both available in major pharmacies: Watsons, Guardian, Caring)

Good news: you can get RM5 off on both the micellar wipes and water in the SIMPLE Estore by entering the code JESSxSIMPLE! Code expires in August 2016!

Okay now go get 'em!

For more information, do visit Simple's official website! :D

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