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6th August 2016

Jay Chou was here in Malaysia for his tour. His concert tickets sold out in a snap, and I was terribly lucky that my friend managed to buy one VVIP ticket for me on the same day the tickets were officially for sale.

For those who haven't already known, Jay Chou has been my one and only idol since I was 10. Of course, along the way, I did idolise other celebrities but none of them could ever replace Jay Chou in my heart. He is, and always will be, my ultimate favourite.

I still clearly remember how his songs accompanied and motivated me when I was in high school. Basically, I would just listen to his songs every time when I did my revisions. Somehow his songs (and only his songs) have the power to encourage and push me forward to become better.

I have never missed any of his concerts the past 4 years.
The first Jay Chou's concert that I attended was "The Era" and that was way back in 2011!!! *baffled*
Then I also went to 2 of his "Opus World Tours" in 2013 and 2014.

After 2 years, he is finally back with a tour and of course, I did not miss the opportunity to catch him performing live. To be honest, Opus World Tour 2 was a bit disappointing, but The Invincible was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (yup, I had to)!!

The concert took place in Stadium Merdeka, but I actually preferred Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil more lolol. Anyway, there were SO MANY PEOPLE in the stadium, and we had to queue for almost half an hour before making it to our seats. Not to mention the poorly designed entrance! It was just too narrow for 2 million people to squeeze queue up and go through. It was suffocating. In Stadium Putra, I've never experienced this kind of "human-traffic congestion" at all.

But anyway, let's talk about the songs that he performed. 
Not only did he perform his new songs, but he also sang so many of his classical songs which had stirred so much emotions deep in me!!! I was so surprised that he sang 以父之名,夜的第七章,将军,她的睫毛, 三年二班,半岛铁盒!!! 真的好感动.
Then there were the ones he'd always performed without fail: 开不了口,安静,晴天,屋顶,白色风车...
He also sang some of his latest hits like "Now You See Me", 床边故事,说走就走,英雄,etc.

Next, let's talk about the stage design.

One moment he brought us to a 3D fantasy visual space at the opening, then the next moment we took a dive into the underwater world when he sang 美人鱼 and in an instant, the stage transformed into a Broadway show with live bands and back-up vocalists standing in a vintage Shanghai-ish street. It was no question - all the stage effects rendered a diversity of exceptionally stunning visual experiences, and each one really took my breath away.

Now, let's talk about his ENCORE.
As usual, I crept to the very first row from my row (I was seated in row 27 in VVIP), right before the barricade in the VVIP section HAHA. That was my only chance of standing so near to him (which you can see in the videos I posted on Instagram). Watching him at such a close distance made the whole idea of time and space around me feel so surreal. I could see his face so clearly I wanted to cry. #sorry #fangirling #brb

Anyway, he sang a lot of songs this time during the encore!! It was also noticeable that he interacted with his audiences more this time. Some of the lucky fans even got chosen to sing with him! T__T
I was waving and screaming so hard, wishing that he would pick me hahaha! If I got chosen, I would definitely request to sing 我不配 or 彩虹 with him. But anyway, my man surely knows how to entertain his fans! There was a moment when he attempted to speak Cantonese, and it really cracked the audience up! He also praised us for being so enthusiastic and passionate, as always.

The concert started at 8.30pm and ended at 11pm, which was a duration much longer compared to his past concerts. Although I was drenched in sweat and I nearly lost my voice due to excessive screaming and singing, the night just didn't feel enough for me!! I wished as hell I could watch him longer. I wish time could pause and everything just stays frozen in the moment. :(

The feelings he gave me are why I made it a point to go to his concert every time.
每一次都很珍惜 因为不知道他几时会再来 也不知道他会唱到几岁
但是只要他继续唱 我也会继续听

The post-concert depression is real now. I believe everyone who went to his concert is probably feeling the same right now. For those who didn't manage to catch him live, I have compiled the clips and made a video for you guys:

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