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 I was so, so happy that I finally got to travel to Bangkok this year!!!!!

I had never been to Bangkok, and the idea of visiting Bangkok has been sitting in my bucket list for the longest time. All my friends who have been to this city kept telling me how interesting and fun their trip was, which only added to my anticipation for this long-awaited trip!

Actually, my trip to Bangkok was a last-minute decision. It so happened that Jestinna and I were talking about traveling, Bangkok's shopping experience and food, then we were like omg: since both of us are on holiday now, let's go to Bangkok!!

We booked our flight tickets and hotel 4 days prior to the trip, and I'm glad that we found this new hotel called MII HOTEL in Bangkok, which I will be sharing with y'all in this post!

Just testing my camera lens and see whether it's working hahaha!
Yes, here we were - Mii Hotel, Srinakarin.
How to go to Mii Hotel from the airport?
Without much consideration, we went for the easiest approach: Uber! It took us about 40 minutes to reach the hotel, and it only costed us around 445baht (around rm52)!

It doesn't really have a typical hotel-exterior, but it just somehow emanates an aura of home - it almost feels like I have been away for a long time, and this place has been awaiting my return.
With the friendly staffs from Mii Hotel!! 

There is a public swimming pool at the 5th floor!

Alright, so there are 6 different room types in Mii Hotel: Standard, Balcony, Pool Junior, Garden, Suite, Pool Suite. 

Ours was the Pool Suite, and needless to say: it was splendid. Well, I'll let the photos do the talking!
First, there's a bathtub and it's super clean and white omggggg.
I extremely love toilets that look bright and immaculate, just like this one! 
If you don't feel like using the bathtub, no worries, there's a shower too!
Storage, storage and storage! Keeps your room neat, tidy and mess-free throughout your stay!
And our bed - IT. WAS. SO. COMFORTABLE. I had no problem falling asleep at all, and I never wanted to leave the bed in the morning.
*cues Maroon 5 - Never Gonna Leave This Bed*
A grey-toned chair that gave the room a firm, but comfortable modernistic-aesthetic push.
Yup, a balcony for you to sip on a good cuppa at night! (Don't think anyone would want to sit here in the afternoon because it's actually quite hot hahaha)
This room has totally taken the emphasis of wooden furniture to the next level. As you can see, there's a wooden table and chair for you to do your makeup, curl your hair, eat your cup noodles -literally do whatever you want while basking in a artsy laid-back atmosphere.
The TV (that we never watched) hahaha!
This is the #ootd reception area. I'm totally in love with the woody interiors accentuated with grey-based palettes and also marble textures. I see it as a subtle combination of luxury and humility, don't you think so?
The cafe - one that is sure to plant itself permanently in your bed of memories. At least it made me feel that way, upon the very first glance of its elegance.

With its beautiful and minimal interior, this hotel has officially become Jestinna's favourite spot for #ootd's. 

Now that I have walked you through the interior of this hotel, I will now talk about its location.

Mii Hotel is located in Srinakarin, which is within a stone's throw from Seacon Square, a shopping mall. However, it's quite far from the more touristy spots like Siam, Platinum Mall, Chatuchak, etc. Its nearest BTS station is the Bang Na station, but to cover the distance between the hotel and the BTS station, it is recommended to catch a cab.

So we pretty much Uber-ed every day during our trip, but I feel that it wasn't a problem at all because it's super easy to request for Uber in Bangkok!!! MORE IMPORTANTLY, IT'S VERY AFFORDABLE.

So why bother walking+bathing in perspiration+squeezing among other patrons in the BTS when you can sit and relax behind a driver who takes you right to your destination?

Mii Hotel's website: http://www.mii-hotel.com/
Mii Hotel's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/miihotel 
Address Mii Hotel Srinakarin 3 Srinakarin Road, Soi Suphaphong 3 Yaek 5-2 Nong bon, Pravet Bangkok 10250 
 Tel: +66 (0) 2 748 1558 
Mobile: +66 (0) 80 291 9000 
Fax: +66 (0) 2 748 1559 
Email: contact@mii-hotel.com


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